The creators and maintainers of the gears
that will keep things moving this year and the next
have no fear about how big and complex is the sphere
or how interconnected everything appears
# Network topology interface technology
plugged into the racks and stacks of how everything stays of track
The change, is the only true fact that won’t be changing
When there is a fire that won ‘t expire,
who else would you want to be hiring?
Fixing problems and solving ahead of time
with a desire to never have to come back to that wire design
post mortems, blameless and it’s fine to write out all the crimes
mistakes happen, its almost designed where everything fails, all the time.
contingency plans and it all goes to the systems we have in place
consistently supply demand to the flow of queries in space
the patching, rebuilding and rearchitecting for the willing
lord knows starting over is a sobering feeling
but sometimes you can’t be rolling over broken wheels
self healing and self service is the manifest of how we work best
open source, open api and open telemetry
with my poetry i give you a piece of this industry
capsized into a capsul of a small dose of how we measure to size
the pleasure of the wise to share their endeavors they tried
Why is a great question to ask first to avoid the worst
Buying the most expensive shiny tool in the shed
has been the hearse for many dead in their career
You cannot spend your way into the clear
problems take an engineer

Tech blues


Walking on air<
Got the job working on a cloud
where, the northern Hemisphere
Central time standard,
answering from Cali to New Hampshire
e-commerce, FI’s need their software
the term was new to me as well
Financial Institutions
large electronic transactions
need guards, developers, and call centers

The story will tell out later like a cash register
better than Internet help like what’s this do hicker?
Do da lee do, press the button until your finger turns blue
just kidding but it’s true, technological illiterate blues

That is my cue, volunteeringĀ peace together the clues
this Saturday at the Retirement center, questions and answers
like how do you use a computer?
No question is stupider learning how to learn quicker,
making my homies job much easier<
Answering calls of the ISP’s Netflix fever

Work hard and have discipline enough to never bluff your guard
the tough stuff cuts like scars from hateful veins
building huts and buying real estate on the brain
highly trained to maim and restrain
extra critical and providing some patience
for the growth of the miracle
still seems only in dreams are there lyrical position openings
Cut back on the ganja for stronger dopamine levels
The tech blues played and pedaled inĀ Metal middle C
fiddling the mandolin in when time spares rhymes for riddles
give it a jiggle, maybe a wiggle or a tickle
because if your not crying from laughter clutching your middle
might as well be back there hidden in a lost cubicle.