Sky blues

undecided sky

An undecided sky
is beautiful and that cannot be denied
while I casually wait for, the heavy downpour to reside

Traveling by feet and buses across countryside
can get your jimmies ruffled quicker than an average scuffle
rushes of fading colors are like old paint brushes

whole in the sky

eyes in the sky taste a rich texture of robustness
rooted in the ruins of ritualistic habits
blinded by the light, deafened to the static

catch in my neighborhood
Remember when we went to a park through that forest before dark?
this was the first picture I took that gave me a spark
a bigger high than any cigarette or joint, greater depth and still precise as a point leaving a mark

The greater heart of San Marcos
has left a whole in my soul from a cities mold
Hit me up tomorrow by the river banks

We will flow wavelengths from what we drank
the intoxicating summer stank of Fall’s sweaty wet skies
the undecided eventually decide

Outside the front door

Outside the front door
is a china berry with the freshest odor
naturally springing water from limestone floors
ladies in summer dresses who are adored
beauties questions are answered
in the San Marcos outdoors
parks & picnics where perfect sunsets are always affordable
biking transportation makes us flexible
trust our shape becomes bendable
taking the time to make a rhyme tape over instrumentals
length is inconsequential
fill up journals to receipt papers
A note scrawled on the walls & tables
meme wars for,
when you stop outside the front door
and smell the china berry’s odor
feel the natural springing water from the limestone floor

-John Tabrizi

Texas Wild Rice Festival

Solid advice for lovers of Wild Rice
April 11th and 12th Days and Nights
The time is right to sit in the Sun and shade
Spring has begun its blooming ways
washing away winter blues as a phase
the next cycle with be conquered with bicycles
the honor of having a river this remarkable deserves a festival
where we can show you how to grow vegetables
the natural, if it doesn’t have art then it’s not artificial
it might be Artheism in a rhyming parable
timed to designs, the Palace of Rhymes
is building a tribute for a debut at the shrine
Finding the time to define our mindful understandings
climbing in to the stories of this place’s history
the difference between invasive and native species
seed bombs, green thumbs, tree planting and swimming
San Marcos — home to many different types of artists —
with the Guadalupe running through to the Cypress
the water in our bodies, around our bodies
a life giving, surrounding activity

should be blessed accordingly, possibly by a yearly anniversary
see you at the river with the breeze by the trees at the cities best scenery
yours John Tabrizi

Peruse through a story on a target

Peruse through
these few moments
we grew due to the blues

Hues of color on the ocean
fuses lit with quick mixed potions
fixes so slick the music is a poem

Inner systems to hidden rhythms
gifted and given to the wisdom in freedom

A kingdom in the mind of a worker
A town around the shrine of a preacher
A business center signed by an owner
A palace of rhymes for Palestine
for rock throws who have died on our dime

The watch clicks,
a journal case study states in 20 years this place may not exist

Time fits as a gift for the fortunate
but also in a painful rift of remorse and hopelessness

Notice the focus of others expertise
We loaded motion to wavelengths and frequencies
documents of doses for a favorite flavoring
with a prognosis of administering
the procedure at your leisure

The opus only needs your thrust on the lever
busing in writers to bust up these phony, unclever
industry commercial advertisers

Catch us at open mics
on street corners with dim lights
at house party’s late at night
at festivals with musical vessels

Peruse through
strategically used
syllabic mathematical cues
to choose the
view you construe as emblematic

live from the factory to the market
Thank you,
See you in San Marcos