Body of Water

The wind ripping at the clothes of a young man speeding to his love
She waits for him
Her natural body fueled by the energy of underground springs
Even in these frigid and harsh mornings his mind is set.

When water arises from underground reservoirs it stay the same temperature upon arrival
It is cleansed by the underground system of limestone pockets
As he arrives on bicycle to the majestic river he stands in awe

Pulls out a pencil and notebook to try and capture this moment
he sits in joy as he sees others jump in the water
water that is much warmer than the outside wind chill

He sits and feels his toes in the grass
after some time he strips to his trunks
says a prayer of gratitude
jumps head first to kiss the body of his beloved
connecting his body of water with hers

River Awareness Day in San Marcos

Ride a bike around these parts
It will make you enjoy life in the parks
the cost of a car with no parking
with traffic congestion rising
In the fastest growing city in the country

We meet here, to hear and see nature’s testimony
clear water springs smoothly flowing
like poetry from an ancient civilization
We need to be more aware of our surroundings and l0cations

500 million dollar renovations for a university’s reputation
While those educated with dissertations must leave for better paying salaries
still a town of hippies, hipsters, and good neighbors
the southern hospitality
makes a scene for corporate developers

Small business owners go under
bars triple in numbers
at the hitch and river is the best place to spend the summer
Lift up some trash from the ground to the dumpster
this gift can best be understood at the Aquarena Center

Keeping the water clean for all the swimmers
all the listeners of “not here now, not here ever”

Check out the activities
dip into ease through these
natural growing cycles

Coming Soon August Third as a reminder

is River Awareness day
mark your calendar

This happens to my friends

This happens to my friends
very often
Walking to the river
whenever in need of being inspired
I use two wheels, some of my friends prefer one tire

It happens, the need to flow in the water,
below the rapids is calmer,
the serenity from spring tidings; yearlong.
It’s cooler lounging on the lawn

Missing appointments with the river,
until a beautiful reminder,
from a poem in a binder
Mother nature is an author
listen to her and learn the chapters

These memories of a sacred place,
have deep roots,
Dig them up to face the pace of traveling boots.

Along the babbling brooks
where the youth take breaks from books,
the ecosystem give permission
to slip in like submission

San Marcos River D
Good looking, we clean your clothes
by picking up trash
attending meetings with questions asked

at long last
we hold fast
to the power
of the river,