Before the alarm – The daily regimen

Before the alarm at 3:50
I make the first decision to get up and get ready
pray to God I have the energy
pray for friends, family and society
make coffee
read pages 86-88 in the Big Book, upon awakening

Water the plants
Go online to manage the plans and check in with my clan
start the poetry slam practice
should be figuring out delivery and memory
but I only want creative brainstorming for breakfast
Fast for the morning and the late evening
Gotta stay fast and quick
used to use the bic pen
now the keyboard is my best friend
he’s more slick, I think, than the ink

the gym opens at 5, leave by 4:45
stretch and then 5 miles makes me feel high
back at home, shower and meditation
my dome gets power from letting go of frustration
and sinking into blinking concentration
fleeting as the thoughts that get caught in respiration

Reading of recovery, of psychology of philosophy
of anything that sets the mind free
flavored with possible journaling

lastly the prep of what is to come
where will direction come from?
how will challenges be approached?
can today be the best that I could invoke?

Ready for work,
my 9-5 starts at 8, after 4 hours of prep
Yep, escaping is no longer interesting
I’d rather get deep into relating and connecting
there is no where to run and no where to hide
Coming alive, finding stride, picking up others when going by

The grind stone

Break up all the pieces of action to reap a new medicine
a new regimen
take a taste to see if it needs more flavorin
major in shamanic healing
with a minor, instilling faith to believing
stillness is waiting
quiet is necessary
just as the grind stone needs kneading

picture perfect potion portions
pressed pedestals into fallen pedals
instead we try through trial and error
trial and tribulations on the trail of concentration

the mind follows the body
those who say otherwise are sloppy
you can’t get by without energy
it is finite to the mind’s infinite potential that will set you free

Try helping someone else
when your stuck with a problem of the self

The grind stone needs no apology for grinding
it takes no excuse,
it is simply the tool we use for use
utility is consistency’s bigger brother
children of pragmatic wonder and the realist father

build your surroundings like an author
imagining the best possible circumstance
then dance and chance your way to the highest aim
without any doubt that the vision will not be claimed
but still you will find things are not the same


4am is your friend,
I get much more done before others awake
not trying to brag but this is whats in my bag
taking stake in my claim
utilizing all functionality of the brain

sleep before 10 leaves 6 hours of healin

The earlier the better
this is when things are quiet
and dark
focus can proceed to leave it’s mark

Exercise, meditation, writing, concentration
Rise with integrity of breathing prayers
watering the self, plants and ideas with care
where do you spend time?

Push harder
Discipline breeds freedom
build a man with momentum

self will is not enough
high power intuition from the gut
what else can help us get through the rut
of the really tough stuff in the muck
Fuck being held down

Found the sounds of the best
laid all the rest to waste
keeping pace with how fast you can move your waist
the ugly shouldn’t be errased
but the unnecessary can take that place

I hold nothing that breeds fear
a resident of resentments couldn’t see clear
Look what happened this year
Checks marks
checks cashed, embarked from the past
lost a few masks
washed the paint off my face
found the constraint
cried, “Free at last!”

every morning he writes scripture
paints it as a clearer picture
not trying to injure or get sicker
no more swishers, tinctures or liqueurs
much stricter in the structure
doing it for himself, his mother and his brothers
every morning rebuilding the architecture

19 years of courage

19 years old and has seen more of the world than most
cocaine, alcohol, homelessness

street person
suicide attempts and powerful poisons
Saw a young man more courageous than I could understand

6 months off narcotics
1 month off the ganga
I want to make sure he goes farther
gets stronger
it gets harder

Dear god, I pray that you provide a path
text messages, phone calls and jokes to make us laugh

I know tools that can turn us from fools to masters
from derelicts, to people turned healthy from being sick
answers lie in the correction, its the truth to cure obsession

Addiction is the 2nd most powerful conception after connection
baffling and cunning
19 years of courage and lets keep going.

Rob Jackson

Met a real poet
more importantly someone who has spirit

Guan Yin Tea House
hosted by Chris the San Martian
where is motivation and inspiration?

energy from tiny cups of carefully picked creations
roasted and sweet
toasted with heat
coasting to memories from a seat

two Buddhists meet
to share experience and deliverance
in different approaches to writing diligence
of finding the necessity of our adherance
the calling of hearing chance

past present and future
all get smashed together in a few hours
met a poet, met a witness
waiting to read the code
as a remedy for a sickness

still this fits into fitness of growth
to see how we can share this treassure
Friday is the publication of some answers

tell your story Brother,
others may also find the way to discover
the impact of making a pact to take a crack at
traveling into the unknown

wrapped the story with tone
into some freestyles with music from the phone
tapping into shared space from our own
what is shown in the words is more than meaning
how we relate is more than collaborating

lets build a village
an outlet for the spark of the young
a new tool to salvage songs not yet sung

time is the enemy

Not going to feel this pain forever

Love makes me suffer
but it’s worth every second

I turn up the music to full blast
then come to quiet
stark reminders of the mental riot

Trying out a diet
of nothing

fasting for 24 hours
meditating for an hour
run 5 miles until I am tired and sour

I must release these poisons
reaching out for help

hold this pain close
it will take you higher
than you have ever gone before

I know what I need
it is only time that is the enemy

Our Song

Music is a religious experience
every morning
listen to the word of God
you can speak back

Poetry is the melody
the instruments bring the rhythm
a chance to join the trance

Ecstatic is the natural state
of the universe
get involved
find your part in this composition

Some only take the time to listen
others shout into the distance
both are needed
for the masterpiece performance