shine bright

Shine brighter than the sun, louder than a gun
soak up life like a sponge,
he spoke jargon that was bottled by the bar in mason jars
joke and laugh but never forget where it’s stashed
wut >_< is enough before you have to ask
Do you always wear a mask?
“No, only before and after class”
Rascal minds had radically practical goals
pragmatically defined, stole the designs to practically a gold mine
tasked with monitoring the holdings
“just sign on the dotted line”
Everyday he freestyles his mind in cipher rings

and when there is time
some could be written, grow wings
some things cannot be forgotten
He played guitar strings with caution
fought hard to spar in the yard
with dedication comes a passion that leaves scars
Real education makes you stand on guard
No report cards or day dreaming with stars
Just knowledge and skills and techniques and will

Shine bright across the fields
learning how to engineer greater yield
the day and year that fate was sealed
wielding such powerful options so constant
often leaves a noxious conscience from not stopping
the assumption that this is a problem
is an obnoxious concoction that is optional

Tonight writing new instrumentals
that shine brighter than potential
more melody than rhythm but still sequential
building a palace from the zero level
out of rhymes made of wood and metal
Shine bright as the times when you wouldn’t settle

A peace of the bigger pie

I’m a rapper that just begun, to change history,
Like defense contractors with guns, who run the Middle East,
Lockheed Martin Spartans are my enemy,
Developing weaponry on my country’s tax subsidy,

While everyone I see, mostly lives in poverty,
50% of US society, is paycheck to paycheck,

Once a year I go unemployed, just to reflect,

Paranoid that consciousness is being suppressed,
so here’s the best address, I can stress,
Zucatti Park, New York, New York, Manhattan.

As it happens,
sequestration is making General Fatten, slim
Code Pink, running exercises like a gym,

Reading column’s by Amy Goodman,
Juan Gonzales, sobre el gobierno morales,
IVAW soldiers in my palace, of rhymes,

Chris hedges is way ahead of our time,
but thank God he noted the crimes,

To truly care for this place, we find ourselves in,
Stand along with Bill Mckibben,
who organized, 350 worldwide on carbon dioxide.

Activists never really die,
Their message is a peace of the bigger pie.

To King Poet

King Poet,
who stings like a hornet?
shoe strings were banned with colors on it,
In December, thinking of Austin’s bluebonnets,

A member, came in to the bar,
     asking who freestyles and raps bars?
Apparently, we wrapped symphonies,
      in the parking lot, with a lot, of other emcees.

A star,
one of many,
can’t wait!
To start turning regularity
        into an occupancy<
                            into salaries>
windows of reality,
Win more of those,
    than woes of brutality,

skinned clean to the bone,
to have made mortality, clearly shown.

bring the numbers,
as the king slumbers,

There, Unaware
 others are gathering undercover

The dome connects
the frames of systematic calibers,
roaming the network, challenge less
where chancellors are on the backburner list,

Underground, digging tunnels
to widen the vision,
commercialism has cats,
dripping whackjuice, on my evening

King poet!
 Spring to your feet
Like a hot spring,
He got up, knew defeat was certain
 and blew out the place, through the curtain.
Upon his grace leaving,
    his estate for the taking,
but first!
our thirst, our hunger,
to overcome the burdensome,

the old news, that continues
to plaque these same avenues
of venues unused, like no lentils in the stew,

Clues of the blue palace,
re view the census
of the senses on the palate,  
secularized compacts into covenants,

A new king poet of benevolence,
is necessary for poetic governance,
let’s see the documents,

The king poet walks back in,
with armies of his enemies kin,
‘ello Governor,
“Should have taken the language
with the numbers”

King Poet
once again,
locked up the game in a pen
muppets are treated as real men,
King Poet,
The muse and comic are in your den.

Track 6 A Martyr of God’s Patience

Track 6 A Martyr of God’s Patience

A martyr of God’s Patience

For starters, or an appetizer this is based in,
a martyr of god’s patience,
never wasting letter placement,
forever and infinite,
as fathers and infants,
the residence of your senses,
essentially evident in tenses,
before, we record sentences for  the poor,
Conventional reason is cooked in an oven,
and critical logic is fried in a pan,
pour it over, split it if you got others,
the pot’s filled with lovers,
partners and strangers,
a larger portion of patrons,

a martyr of god’s patience,
which  fence could we not climb, how  was it built?
We learn the 2nd or 3rd time around the curb with the right rhyme,

That guilt!
Stretches beyond the mind,
To the blues used in memories bells and chime,
In hell with a ball and chain on your spine
Shining signs until work is done after nine.
The acronym defined is Be Infinitely Just and Natural
To see intimacy of trust shackled,
and opened like a capsule,
hoping to obtain energy from a satchel, intoxicate your axel,
To achieve beyond possibility
imagination is silly,
unless taken seriously,
Relieve your objective methodology,
In respect to making the foundation sturdy,
study the history, don’t repeat the mistakes,
keep your eyes on what you create

This poetry book mix tape is dedicated
to those who work hard on their craft,
Only to cash in their efforts for a few laughs,
the way a face reacts, to first draft,
unedited and ravenous

Dedicated to fighting for solidarity,
through anonymity in occupancy,

Blasphemous is the old new decree,
Who knew the blue sky was the brother to the sea,

Giving no apology to the ecology,

Poetry is not just in Universities and libraries,

But also in inner cities,
And I suppose those other cosmos and galaxies,

This is dedicated to the poetry of
Rumi, Ferdowsi, and my friend Husni,

All three are, centuries apart,

Yet in retrospect it’s the same art,

Starting the machinery for the factory,
it actually needs maintenance, waiting for the event,
next creating an audience, Rinse some seconds with ink,
whence we had come from the water we drink
and thought we think,

Dedicated to insanity of rambling,
from bland handling of links,
whose source couldn’t reinforce,
the pores of the coarse texture in an ethical lecture,

The victorious heights
singing the pleasure
of sinking natural rights,
justice is just, and the reason to fight-


Organizing a message to find

When ready to begin art, start cooking in the kitchen, with eggs, eggplant and onions

A breakfast of a champion, Texas toast, coffee, cigarettes and a toast of blending,

The origin to the organ grieving, while smoking,

Lungs contracting a reason to take a token,

She’s jamming on the organ, imploring energy from the lord,
He’s spam forwarding poetry,

to the local t-shirt printing machine,

And now and then,
it makes no sense and we pretend
that God’s still our good friend,

Would you question whether the infinite ever ends?

Return my ticket and send forty more activists to the picket store,

To pick up lyrics and spirits,

When we get home,
turn on the guitar pickups and lets get stoned ,

Make a track, with only wails, moans, and laughs,

Don’t put a face in the picture,
so you don’t need a mask when your ripping scripture,

Tip the barista or bartender,

Her lips skip the dips of splendor,
hips for when god slips
and permits me to render the remains of my time
to the beauty and love of justice in the divine,