Spent 10 years living in doubt and fear
addicted to one or another
finally feeling free as water out the gutter
making small ponds into bigger rivers, bigger desires
mother didn’t raise no sucker
father gave us style, so smiling smooth as butter
the old years cannot be recovered

so basically starting over
rediscovering what is left, all together
my brother won’t see eye to eye
so he says ‘leave’ before I can say goodbye
at least inside I can say I tried

True friends understand to the core
even when changing your behavior
those that can’t feel your vibe anymore
may not be what your stride is looking for
therefore, parting ways is heavy hearts and long days

Clarity, from out the cloudy haze is a maze thing
it takes directions to make progression a well spring

everyday is a count down to anything and everything
sober weeks looks for years to speak with wings
new skills, few techniques can raise weak will
as high as the peaks that now are despised as a disguise
for the lows compose the other side we would deny unjustified

realizing how to recognize and standardize our special eyes
especially when trying specialize in staying wise to the lies
Recovery is how we optimize in otherwise


Back of the mind

Journeys of a thousand steps first took a few
Knocking for a hundred years only to find its right here
You don’t know know what you have till it’s gone and disappeared

Learning from mentors and peers
students, teachers and leaders who path our vessel into piers
turn the gears, months turn into years
I used to always need a joint and beer after working the cashier
She’s gone but I still see many others
Learning how to be a better brother, lover, and discoverer
The treasures are not all already found
put my pressure on making more beautiful sounds
in daily convo, internet forums and blog playgrounds
Bound to stick to something strong enough to tough a rebound
We are on a rise, quick grab on to the tide
In the back of the mind
Memories of a connection to a person that was sublime
Specifically intricate
measured closeness & tightly knit
Until then staying wrapped in a tool kit
Timely rhymes designed with whit and grit
Fulfilling disciplines so goals commit to stick


The first mile is the most difficult
then the body adapts
muscles stretch and breath retracts
today hit my max,
topped at 4.5
I bet next time I make it alive at 5
a 10K in 3 weeks is about 6.2
hopefully I can use the same shoes

I can rap longer than I can run
maybe hitting the track can reverse what’s done
Some come from a tradition of attrition
The vibe in my tribe is like Phife Dog in ‘Electric Relaxation’
mental participation
One found one and other
to make another takes the discipline of a lover
concentration to be steady as ever
ready to relate the story like a reporter
all-ready, right like insight from a trainspotter
Modify the invention farther
Do not be fooled and confused
as all the tools can now be used to amuse.

Miles before we sleep
Wild bluebonnets smell fill the street
knowing when the journey is complete

The world run by visuals

In the world run by the visual, write textual
right like fight night champion titles
write like achievement obstacles written in journals
Mighty powerful
found in kernels
sounds of learning found internal
bound as a bind to micro particles
tourist in my own city at the downtown carnival
Fluent in being thrifty by the pound
Handling controls like at the terminal

In the world run by visuals
see if you can articulate goals in syllables
Mindfulness exists and is more than playground politics
adult readership subscription
to better analyze the life we were given
to the one in which we are actually liven
Livid from the timid previous position of playing chicken
Given in 110% passion to get past addictions
developing new regimes and regimens
Clean as an optimized machine glistening in the wind
its starts with your heart at the beginning
continues to the brain for cognition
finally to the whole body

more of a feeling than a visual seen like a painting

my routine, always changing

Changed a routine and regime so steadfast some asked of what discipline
the one where its constantly practicin
if ‘improve’ is not in your attitude you will lose and not win
Specialist in verbal wit and spin, cunning courage deserves a grin
From the very beginning it was all in the first steps
Left my eyes dry from all I wept
Would bet my possessions on learning new lessons
kept by tight discretion rather than distraction
setup the configuration
to do diligence on delicate matters of action
Met my match once I saw I wasn’t the only one who could patch
make something from scratch. chain reactions
Taking it back to when rap wasn’t about fashion

Rhyme outlines of blueprints architectural in a sense
Saturday morning two cents at the expense of common sense
There are rare kinds but have other troubles due to their shine
mind the designs, their structured to wobble and shuffle
keeping us human and humble among all the ruckus and rubble
Life is like the greatest puzzle