Supreme Love
what I’m looking for
of course dreams get shoved for another
your daily routines make your life, all together

A ‘kind of blue’
who knew the blues
find mine on the rhymes of 1’s and 2’s
since the first encounter
built the counter with wooden screws
we wouldn’t lose
unless we viewed corporate TV news
This is bullshit from Texas like Ted Cruz

A mighty fine time to reanalyze the lies’ shine
A guitar riff gift to lift a prize
My how time flies when there is a bass line

The best to ever test the manifest
Blueprints published in the newsprint
Yes, finesse is stressed as a hint
Sprinting full speed burns more calories
by dint of a blink or a squint

It’s hard to see the point
when so close to the surface
it takes stepping back to understand the circuit
Rap tracks stacked in my back pack makes other rappers nervous
My purpose, to make this more than lip service
twirling like a devious drunk dervish

I still remember her face if I focus quick
so staying bogus in a slowness is my shtick
Thinking more with my mind and soul than my dick
Rock lyrical rap joints with a guitar and pick
looking like Stevie Ray Vaughn with magic tricks

At least until I’m gone
build up by the brick a large pantheon

Straight off the wire
The Love that dissipates from the Squire
Yes Sire, EADGBE on the lyre
sometimes tuned a half step down rather than higher
Guitar to the cable to the amplifier
Mind to the body to the soul’s best attire

shine bright

Shine brighter than the sun, louder than a gun
soak up life like a sponge,
he spoke jargon that was bottled by the bar in mason jars
joke and laugh but never forget where it’s stashed
wut >_< is enough before you have to ask
Do you always wear a mask?
“No, only before and after class”
Rascal minds had radically practical goals
pragmatically defined, stole the designs to practically a gold mine
tasked with monitoring the holdings
“just sign on the dotted line”
Everyday he freestyles his mind in cipher rings

and when there is time
some could be written, grow wings
some things cannot be forgotten
He played guitar strings with caution
fought hard to spar in the yard
with dedication comes a passion that leaves scars
Real education makes you stand on guard
No report cards or day dreaming with stars
Just knowledge and skills and techniques and will

Shine bright across the fields
learning how to engineer greater yield
the day and year that fate was sealed
wielding such powerful options so constant
often leaves a noxious conscience from not stopping
the assumption that this is a problem
is an obnoxious concoction that is optional

Tonight writing new instrumentals
that shine brighter than potential
more melody than rhythm but still sequential
building a palace from the zero level
out of rhymes made of wood and metal
Shine bright as the times when you wouldn’t settle

Future creators

The future of poetry is not MP3
or URL’s with IP’s

The future of writing is not typing
or speech recognized verbal decoding
with software and programming

The future of music is not commercializing
or what generates more views for advertising

The future is now,
the future is here

Steer clear of what you won’t allow yourself to hear

Tiers and levels
Frontiers to the unsettled
Premier careers on low gears
machines made of metal
can make one disappear

Pedaling to meddle in, the rebel mandolin musician

invented new mechanisms of rhythm
come and get some
hidden in the inner systems
of a process over the endings

The future of poetry
is spoken openly as well as quietly
behind closed doors, censored, and ignored

The future of writing
becomes more uncompromising with this much stuff surviving
book store closings become common
and online options dramatize the problem

The future of music
blossoms more awesome than we can caution
samples amply supplied
a daily ride
to cut and piece
assemble any pie in the way you wish to feast
open source reinforced the paths we meet
open the force of pathos personally

yours,  the poetry factory