the poetry factory’s library

Library of Books

Library of Books

Here lies fiction, non-fiction, and musical notations
Poetry editions from self-published moments of illumination

Critiques of governments, corporations, and societal residents’ complacence
Antiquity to contemporary evidence
Contrary to popular belief
the literary presence still fills in grief
that the leaves between the bindings will outlive our own seat

Writing the self-testimonial experience
often finds books on the shelves of a curious witness
Fight for our right to read the serious business!

The quickness of a mental gymnast
absorbed recorded images from a short distance
Over instances of reports and vested interests
to retort the oratory of rhetorical significance

Admittance to due diligence at book fairs on clearance
some were delivered by mail
some were discovered at garage sales
occurrences by a gifted present
were always the greatest encouraging moments

Opening up a passage
traveling through history’s narratives
small time periods to the greater unknown global existence
giving a writer a chance on a friend’s insistence
living in pages for subsistence

The Palace of Rhymes’ reason for systematic persistence
is to make sure all of the tools are at our assistance

For the San Marcos Public Library

Who deserves poetry more than the San Marcos library?
Thank you for your hard work routinely
book reading assignments are increasing
and your residence shines upon meeting

The latest text arrives
of news in the New York Times

There are documentaries of history kept alive
there are books that will make you cry

The city’s central intellectual hub spreading WiFi
is a fitting perpetual ignition to begin researching
grubbing down rented knowledge we found
next to city hall across the bridge from downtown

The text that resides within it’s boundaries
are profound enough to change perception of ability

Commonly children walk in happily
unknowing of the potential in this building
yet your work is essentially instrumental
to improving the mental capability of our community
to overcome obstacles
learning answers to troubles that are solvable

Thank you for making this all possible
-John Tabrizi

A 24 hour library

A 24 hour library is my studio facility.
Some students come and go to study,
during midterms to learn, sensibly.

This place is my work and hobby,
taken seriously and playfully,
my shrine to climb any adversity.

What a pleasant surprise,
there are many books of the wise.

A bit scary, in volumes that could consume,
a lifetime supply.

-There is dry commentary,
-fairy tales,
sometimes on the same story.

The plot thickens and entails
puns staked to  trails
in  allegories forgotten,
but arriving soon by mail.
Smitten with doubt that efforts will not prevail.

Energy is in need as fuel,
Pulling on layers of cotton for it is cool.

After a dinner of broccoli, trout, and kale
I drop five dollars for fees where nothing is for sale.

Oh no avail,
A good library sets the scale
for relics like grails, that we still hail.
Unraveling veils of reality,
read as braille,
in the vicinity
of the wittiest amity in the city.

A 24 hour library.

To the Alkek Library Part 1

The pedigree of an emcee (ideally) starts in the library.

Reading lyricism and philosophical conditions,
before we could own our own copy.
This commune of common integrity,
with more volumes, than if one were ready
to consume all of the worldly joys and gloom.
To whom it concerns, learning steadily
The Inter-Library loan service works beautifully,
receiving books from
The U of H, The U of NT, UT Arlington, & Oklahoma State University.

If your city doesn’t have a book,
the State will ask others to take a look.

There is so much history,
that i forget to eat,
but when i remember I cook quickly.
Come to the facility of our enlightenment’s peak,
Freely take a seat, in one of eight stories,
and let the inventory of words come to life.
(if for only one night)

Centuries of literature in different cultures,
Sure, there are censures, fillers, and archaic archives,
but the latest Times arrive,
as regular as daily,
the pedigree of an emcee starts here,
within these book seams

-To the Alkek Library,
part 1….

The day I found the library

immediately I know this place would be the start and end of my travels.
Three floors of the real organized super highway that doesn’t cause eye strains.

It took twenty years to discover the records of the biggest local library in my vicinity.
All welcome;
home bearers and the nomadic,
Smelly and the extra smelly, circumstantially elegant and egalitarian.
A joint I would frequent.
A Real Hip Hop movement was scratched into the glass of the men’s restroom,
I suppose to reflect back on the souls of the individuals and groups making it happen.
I’ll see them at open mics later.
A man at an old school type writer tells me of what I’ve been missing;
his eyes look like a long lost friend.
A high school girl named Britney with extraordinarily white teeth and voluptuous features enjoyed the beginning of this poem, I’ll find someone to finish the rest.
The race is on, my friends old roommate, who also I worked with at a substantially more boring venue, where art is forced on eyes and not chosen.
He smiles and says hi,
the magazines collection waits, ideally.
As I prospect homelessness would not be so bad in this area!