shine bright

Shine brighter than the sun, louder than a gun
soak up life like a sponge,
he spoke jargon that was bottled by the bar in mason jars
joke and laugh but never forget where it’s stashed
wut >_< is enough before you have to ask
Do you always wear a mask?
“No, only before and after class”
Rascal minds had radically practical goals
pragmatically defined, stole the designs to practically a gold mine
tasked with monitoring the holdings
“just sign on the dotted line”
Everyday he freestyles his mind in cipher rings

and when there is time
some could be written, grow wings
some things cannot be forgotten
He played guitar strings with caution
fought hard to spar in the yard
with dedication comes a passion that leaves scars
Real education makes you stand on guard
No report cards or day dreaming with stars
Just knowledge and skills and techniques and will

Shine bright across the fields
learning how to engineer greater yield
the day and year that fate was sealed
wielding such powerful options so constant
often leaves a noxious conscience from not stopping
the assumption that this is a problem
is an obnoxious concoction that is optional

Tonight writing new instrumentals
that shine brighter than potential
more melody than rhythm but still sequential
building a palace from the zero level
out of rhymes made of wood and metal
Shine bright as the times when you wouldn’t settle

Another way

The day I found another way
was with my fam-i-lay

Saw God on their face
you don’t need to look far to find a heavenly place
even among hate and disgrace

Making new attitudes to taste
Who knew the blue sky
was the brother to the sea
Never die, resurrect every morning
Hard work takes discipline and learning

Ready more than ever,
send off the letters
For our clients
Forget the competitors
Measuring for compliance
it’s harder being the editor and I’m pretty sure less of a pleasure, write through lines

change structure
the designs need to be layered in precise order
Of course he was merely a porter

the day I found another way
started drinking more water
and listening to the words of my father
teaching my sisters and brothers

Clean clothes creased with a crisp
Sharper wit that’s fit to commit
Meaning to make it with our tool kits
the really legit, even got the permit
to transmit real hip hop in lyrics
spit the nitty gritty little bits
The itty bitty pieces are part of a larger entity
It’s entirety is constantly changing identity

My theory is grow with the times responsibly
and with positivity
you matter to a lot of people in your life
but we don’t notice and speak of it regularly
reach out to another one in another way
to focus reality

How everything starts

Shine brighter than the sun
Louder than a gun
Soaking up life like a sponge
Make 1 and break it in half
lunge for the pieces that make you laugh
Sit back and ask how are the parts fit to last

The early bird gets the worm
Even the sun couldn’t catch him with its burn
every morning he starts to learn
prefers the time when everyone is sleeping
The trick is to constantly be leaving & arriving
a state of statelessness in an abyss you can’t miss

he stopped finding things to wish for
of course it comes from an inner core
for study he always did 4 more to be ready
for practice catch him in the lobby for breakfast
my rhymes are real life experience
designed by a mind who likes to steal happiness
if serious no one’s going to give it to you
if curious take it when you please
it’s something that can fit in the sleeve of your grief

reprieve the standard preconceived naive impression
that God’s decree fell somewhere around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Tell em’ Bij,
I give unchallenged minds a different way to perceive and believe
lyrical accession and cessation of bad presentation
the orchestration will take much concentration
but it’s the only way we will achieve self actualization

Fresh off the train

It has been long since the factory has been publishing
Feels good being in a neighborhood where most is understood
writing is like a bicycle I just found
improvising mic tricks with no delivery to his sound
Mono tone but at least he gets the message across
like cellular phones and tin cans of dinner sauce
My family is my biggest boss

Toss out the garbage there is much to reap of our harvest
Leaving behind old targets that were too unrefined
Bigger pictures require more paint
acquaint to using too much restraint on the mind
“He ain’t the preacher patron saint”
but neither was jesus of nazareth
more of a zealot radical activist

transform through portals of black magic
Poetic freestyle practice
on most days

reaching for performance of something much more gorgeous
it takes planning, procedure and process
lest we forget the diligence and revert to poor habits
Its a regular kind of act, that expands and contracts
back to back laps of spitting raps on that boom bap
can you leave you forgetting to wrap it in a netting sack

Zoom into 10 years and see how you think the future will appear
will we have enough time to sit right here and drink a beer
Fresh off the train, looking for a nice place to rest the brain
I suppose some thangs are only visible with certain frames
Having too much change doesn’t allow you to appreciate things when they don’t stay the same
vice versa versus a middle ground
being able to eyeball a pound
of that raw truth
recorded on a track in a vocal booth
with a sweet tooth for the clever leveraging proof
that we create every second of experience

Our bodies and minds naturally are inclined to filter out that which needs no shine
the darkness of subconscious cannot be restrained or confined

the life in times

March Friday the 7th How it Was

We used to write a poem everyday, usually in the morning
we used to take cigarette breaks soon as we woke up

Used to smoke cigarettes coughing up black stuff
leaving the past to arrive in a breathable future
pleasurable & suitable for your leisure
stepping up measures
to insure a pure ethical answer is not latent with heretical side standards
the leaders from our ancestors
have important history that reflects in contemporary Reality

used to plan unraveling listening to Ravel Bolero make stereos sing
The blUes
in each of used lives
lives a deeper shade of coloring
that you should not abuse & not hide
the shown is true and tried
a family of words and ties
similar streets, different political elite
different seasonal tides of heated treasonous fleets
The cold war II gets much colder than the common flu

Call it World War III, or www.
Name of the company
is a Goldman’s Sachs of moneys

just another day in the bee hive for the honey
we stopped smoking cigarettes to find more energy
because the common circuit of this circus is not worth running
if the efficiency is self defeating
run the health check on vital signs of trickery
its held together by the hard drive of your memory
corruption from Ukraine to Hungary
hungry for the sugar cane we grow by the barrel
the belly of the beast
in the middle east with journalists in trouble
the meaninglessness in much of our media bubbles
business is a tough gamble
It was in those days in early March
when the sun rays, shines & heat leave their mark
telling the other person on the line, in rhymes
to wait till April to leave the dark

finding wormholes in the information that never stops to part
us from our art
art from our trust
unheard words in true voices of the US before dusk

Every day at one point

Every day at one point
a poem must be written
the way we stay playfully conditioned
with words for poets
and notes for musicians
Is an omen waiting for an exorcism

couldn’t find hip hop at the club or the bus stop
so the flow picked up a pen that was dropped
When the blocks stocked with high priced talk
bring in the cheap speak like sheep to a heaping mound
Kings from shepherds that went back to nature
around the time the rhyme needed to concur
read a passage as you would conjure

lead the masses from being conquered
Revolutionaries can be mothers and fathers

Some say,
why bother, when art doesn’t bring in dollars
the display of thought brought by authors
illustriously smashed any more questions
squandering ambitions is the youth anthem

so inspiration is a key ingredient
throwing monkey wrenches into equipment
to stop war machines with ointment
got appointments with deployment of circumstance
the beat is like an injection of a rhythmic trance
side effects of this dance
may include, but are not limited to:
enjoyment of the present
coy amusement

A high

pitched by an instrument
stitch memories into intuition
Which submission?
There are many editions
Writing at the Hitch mobile food eatery kitchen
praying blessings
for the hundreds of chickens we cook regularly
Everyday, people are not getting less hungry
one point for making delicious poetry

open your eyes my child

“Open your eyes my child”, he said
“You always look best because you smile”

ahead of his time
by presetting the watch
find him with his head down
freestyling to open locks
energy in waves he gave, compressed
shocked through messages in mediums
he suggested giving premiums of freedom
to every one willing to listen

When testing the wind bring rhythm
behest your next meeting
the text will include your views too
sleeping is overdue

Depressive blues float away
like a balloon lost on a birthday
who knew it would return
for us to learn it’s mysterious ways

is an emphasis
the tremendous seems measureless

There, in his head
studying the brain and how it is trained to explain
led the kitchen to constantly change ingredients
tweaking speech that begun with listening

some come from different currriculum
Um, maybe poetry over beets
Yum, sounds like a delicacy
continuum’s unending
continuously concerned with continuity
Ancient lies of antiquity
to Mass propaganda in the contemporary
Pro ganga legalizing testimony

one homie told me
some things in moderation
except all things of equality and liberation
instilling the ability to solve equations
is better than being given the letters
the numbers in the physical/material
slumber to the lullabies of high priced lingo
Open your eyes my child
see the wild wind blow

The studio is looking nice

The studio is looking nice
The dojo is literally “the place of the way”
life starts when you wake up and go to bed at night

Stay aware of the conscious
as beneath resides something much more enormous
a physical shrine in a literal mind
typical signs are advertisements
I riddle for satisfaction

The studio is looking nice after cleaning
enough material for a graduate degree
Art projects for a specific purpose
targeting messages like a circuit

the creation in a seed of integrity
uploaded regularly
up-kept nobly
is to know what can spread infinitely

the local library
the non profit news reporting
(Democracy now)
the words heard
that stirred changing crowds
the home where you are found

the workplace  inside this room
will continue to have homework assignments due
despite graduation of institutional education
my studio has many books never mentioned
I worked at the cafeteria
so I know the ingredients that make it’s criteria
et ceteria
Now crafting meals for roommates and neighbors
drafting appeals to the ecological protection of nature

Not sure where pure labor gestured a favor
but blurring the lessons of others’ failures feels better
when forgetting dangers of receding glaciers

The studio is looking like a factory
that needs new regulations and responsibilities
to be treated humanely
changing the way we view the word “company”

Bangladesh has the world’s eye in solidarity
Happy May Day!
Play with your political activity
Rearranging notes of a personal history
promoting the normative philosophy
based on critical thinking

The studio is looking nice for some poetry publishing
-sincerely yours, John Tabrizi

Niche writing

Write for your niche
strike a light or flip the switch
fight the urge to call her a bitch
purging the stereotyping
after we coexist
share the road with cyclists
barely known is the price
of our life and environment

Energy in sounds waves
generated by the body
Is a specialist of a  godly hobby
teaching/talking to young kids in the lobby
connected more commonalities
than the internet with all its capabilities
In retrospect all communication
conveys information readily, (even non-verbally)

Well these emcees that sell raps for big companies
are trapped in vulgarity and violent imagery
It’s quite silly, but their rhymes are played at bars nightly
Scared of a bugisman pirating
my peers are idolizing and following
the wrong ideology
of self economic hegemony
Self help books have been our best sellers in publishing
These rhymes are proof of social truth’s uncovering

This summer, activists hits the masses in mass numbers
Because of the war we never slumber,
Ask Guantanamo Bay who today is in extreme hunger,
no attention to the innocent slaughtered
of Iraqi son’s and daughters
2,500$ for collateral damage done to a house or a spouse
Israel advances further south into Palestine’s mouth.
I might doubt compliance, if taxes were not taken out of my allowance

A good man stands against the acts of the unrighteous claiming pious
Niche writing with a specific bias against political tyrants
that silence our tongues as we defiantly have our signs quietly hung.
The time has come
-Your truly, Palace of

Degree in Hip Hop

I got my degree in Hip Hop
in opens mics
Store front lots
parking garage heights
of top flight jogs
through the body’s terrain
the mind mappings
framed on the wall of a calling

studying tags
where no one’s bragging
taken down with grey painting
studying readings by listening
this fake drug taking
fake woman hating
fake money making
to a dream of lyrical changing

Arranging spirituals in the poetry
your destiny is connected to me
Blessed be he who most humbly
having only rice and tea
is our responsibility.

This powerful expression we call Hip Hop
is a philosophy
to communicate pain’s remedy

To the degree that pay’s me greatly,
with instrumental
motion to rhythm
of a potential ocean
in a measure of how well written
is the well that hip hop is sitting in.

-if you are following this flow of water
it is the choice of yours whether or not to go farther