Weekend wRaps

Not a full time j.o.b. but still writing hip hop po-e-try
Salaries aren’t actually the reason to shine skills carefully
more like satisfaction at the core propensity, a daily fillin fully
fealings where actions can be packed with density for full impact
Stack raps in online habitats and where the physical reacts and chats
It’s typical that cats catch the visuals of being all that, in one individual
but it takes a team to execute a light beam, from memories of a vision or dream
Collapsible perhaps, but starting a batch from scratch takes a knack
Jacked up a bunch of snacks by stuffing them in knapsacks for lunch
A hunch, that after punching the clock, hands must get sore
Keeping stock of what we got and not what we don’t have anymore
asked dad how to add who then cuts an orange in half and in pieces
the best moments in life might make you laugh or leave you speechless
The graph of your spectrum is routine outcomes
Practice makes permanent and not perfection

A lyrical injection of dopamine affect the blood stream
Even a higher level tolerance doesn’t affect the absense
Staying clean of unintelligence and obscenity sold in ignorance
Playing dirty with sturdy common sense and empirical experiments
Its pretty obvious, there is a lot of evidence, ever since inspecting the elements
Hence, from whence one came to the zero sum game
Name dropping and finger waving for blame are the same cop out options

The reason we need this medicine
is because media has been so mediocre on our intuition
unchallenged and undrivin makes ambiguous ambitions
Big ups to maintenance men and women who make us listen
Taking mental words to physical action
Build barriers against distraction
break barriers against inaction’s bigger brother
unsympathetic sentiments of carefree relaxed leisure
wRap textures

Fresh off the train

It has been long since the factory has been publishing
Feels good being in a neighborhood where most is understood
writing is like a bicycle I just found
improvising mic tricks with no delivery to his sound
Mono tone but at least he gets the message across
like cellular phones and tin cans of dinner sauce
My family is my biggest boss

Toss out the garbage there is much to reap of our harvest
Leaving behind old targets that were too unrefined
Bigger pictures require more paint
acquaint to using too much restraint on the mind
“He ain’t the preacher patron saint”
but neither was jesus of nazareth
more of a zealot radical activist

transform through portals of black magic
Poetic freestyle practice
on most days

reaching for performance of something much more gorgeous
it takes planning, procedure and process
lest we forget the diligence and revert to poor habits
Its a regular kind of act, that expands and contracts
back to back laps of spitting raps on that boom bap
can you leave you forgetting to wrap it in a netting sack

Zoom into 10 years and see how you think the future will appear
will we have enough time to sit right here and drink a beer
Fresh off the train, looking for a nice place to rest the brain
I suppose some thangs are only visible with certain frames
Having too much change doesn’t allow you to appreciate things when they don’t stay the same
vice versa versus a middle ground
being able to eyeball a pound
of that raw truth
recorded on a track in a vocal booth
with a sweet tooth for the clever leveraging proof
that we create every second of experience

Our bodies and minds naturally are inclined to filter out that which needs no shine
the darkness of subconscious cannot be restrained or confined

the life in times

Work that is being done, Tracking Progress

The trick is there is always changing metrics,
Lacking the vision to see past automation’s tendencies
substitute substance of industry into the immaterial clouds
Your allowed only to be so loud so to speak
so reversals of sanctioning money shot politics should be a possibility
Last presidential election cost 2-3 billion, the next should be 10
Focus is on the candidate and not the potential legislation
Voices of the voiceless captured on cell phones cameras
Black Lives Matter written on the banners
Taking down confederate flags at the capital, setting new standards
more questions than answers playing on the pull of momentum

send some letters to our brother and sisters underground
pick a prison there’s one in most towns,
Living every day as drug rehabilitation to stay sober
communities read each other’s stories to see what works
Poetry graffiti in the spirit of William Upski
Making a DAW with MIDI sound like an MPC

slowing learning that physical anger is really just impotency
wisdom is disgusting and can be sold accordingly
rigorous training in unity to bring more of the moral duties
like Moral Monday protests in North Carolina
with Reverend William Barber
in memory of Senator Celmenta Pickney
we will change Calhoun street into his name
moving on to other thangs as the chicken come home to roost their wangs
building bigger bridges in our relationships but we still need the bridges in our transit
before I make my exit I’d likely to explicitly state the obvious
there is much work to do but we are tracking progress
of work that is being done

poetry freestyle 23

Discerning what he learned from what was internalized
written down sounds of codified expression solidified in truth that doesn’t hide

Why try for music without the beat?
the Mystic poet points instead of to the sky, to his feet
galaxies of dirt to mud to concrete
to rhythms to words
to curbs that don’t sleep until everything is heard
the birds recklessly fly hazardously in close public eye
while cool cats casually cry until their day is not denied
ready leap
spaghetti and beef
the dinner of family was more important than what he eats
growth of the enormous growing importance
an ending of bitter hindrances that have been taught to kids
the lid is opened, information has spoken
granting freedom a token for two cents
ever since we saw benevolence in the presence of defeated negligence
whence the sum of inclination took over more spots & locations
the pots stay hot when we are cooking in the kitchen
send the lasting lyrics of light to the sun set in its plight
been missing for a quarter moon’s turn in rotation
tomorrow is fasting in divine revelation.

Writers searched the poets’ handbook for suggestions
brevity ain’t easy
protection isn’t a possibility with intellectual theft, treason and bigotry
who are the Idols and are they worth following?
spectacles aren’t always exciting/frightening/or educating
usually, their mostly advertising for the commodity pushing

The Palace of Rhymes by John Tabrizi
says stop branding 😉
Irony is fitting if you have the lungs to laugh
growing a crony capitalist’s mustache in a flash
the Ode to our times of past
Go Flow and crash like river water to a stone’s splash
rowing a boat with no mast no task or direction
away from home but always in memories of recollection
so though thought was caught on the tongues of voice
we know we might not show our true intentions of choice
the in-betweens from rows and columns can be seen
the hoisted beams of dreams rejoicing