Eulogy for the lost incarnate of beauty

Her hair would intoxicates the air
she thinks before moving
where ever the sun is shining
she was there before it was arriving

Her style was homemade but exquisitely exotic
Talked with the care of being aware what’s in products
as beautiful as Texas bluebonnets
she could give a man the blues to write sonnets

God bless the goddess
odd flaws seem ridden of their usefulness
She would grow pods of pees
She would be willing to get hands dirty
before you could ask please

Her permaculture skills instilled many
with fruitful knowledge
preferred the outer city limits rather than next to the College
even had wooden shoes polished

A joker who never stopped smiling
belly dancing
the lost incarnate of beauty
was/is loved by many friends and family

In memory of Zorro

Do you remember?
the family member who would slumber on the floor
and the mask that he wore
black and white colored beard and whiskers

He would always bring smiles and laughter
he used to have a friend to chase after
separated and placed in a new home
roaming a similar living room
his favorite place still was outside amongst full bloom flowers
his friend now lives at our residence
and it is in sadness to be informed of the tragic
He has collapsed and died a young life of innocence

In a sense, we are struck senseless in grief
as the few years spent with us was brief
but the memories we will keep
as father and mother sit in the backyard
where he would lounge and sit under stars

The unexpected and unforeseen death
reminds us of the fragility of life we have left
why not cherish our remaining time?
like his passion for waking others up before the sun shine

Rest in peace Zorro
We will keep you in our hearts today and tomorrow