Our Song

Music is a religious experience
every morning
listen to the word of God
you can speak back

Poetry is the melody
the instruments bring the rhythm
a chance to join the trance

Ecstatic is the natural state
of the universe
get involved
find your part in this composition

Some only take the time to listen
others shout into the distance
both are needed
for the masterpiece performance

Jump in head first

Well versed in the perverse
and in telling how to reverse this curse
from the best to the worst
the test is how we rehearse

Fell in love with becoming immersed

Head first
all or nothing
fall for passion, gunning for reaction
failure is part of the art of practicing action
real good at stealing should’s back
would you in fact please take a crack
at this pact of being more concerned with keeping track

how bout that?
this experiment is your body
mind finding your soul’s hobby
I hear that is how you can stay happy

catch me if you can
I am the gingerbread man
who gingerly treads on demand
supply’s biggest fan
why try only using one hand
with the other tied behind your back

Daily intervention

A great weakness teaches strength
learning patience in giving great thanks
for all the mistakes made
for the opportunities ahead

Never a wasted second
favor this present tasted in sections
taken apart
tongue playing games in the dark

Closely held secrets
only exposed to those who must know
those who trust this growth
flow to the state of ease

She holds truth in ecstasy
the ecstatic dynamic touch of her fabric
sewn to the bone
for wherever she roams

silence and stillness
alone in the filled cup of willingness
belief takes constant attention
brief us in this daily intervention

Morning Light

Morning light,
Write like it’s the first night of life
Fight for your presence to give insight
typing the measure of a moment
the awakening opens up the motion

Enjoy a nice stroll
The mornings are always where one can most easily find the soul
wake before the sun’s bold entrance
romance your presence and cadence
like softly beating a drum
gain momentum and traction
make louder movements
crescendo your improvements

Morning Light,
I remember the Texas Wild Rice


Spoken and Heard
Where I first found the word of God
The Bahai Center has always been of fond memories
Some of the greatest poetry
musicians, orators, comedians, story tellers
Thom the world rapper
Linda Marie’s voice as a singer
John Barry the Bluesman
many others who took this stage in hand

I met Nastarand Kehrad
her book ” In the house of BiBi”
a life of a bahai in Iran’s tragic history

Memories as deep as scars healed uncleanly
still we bandage the wounds
here lies the ancient tombs of imagination we consume
of experiences we tell
like fond smells of distinct perfumes

10 years ago I found this room
I was trying to find a voice I could appreciate
Immature but sure trying to find an escape
this relief although brief sparked a powerful belief
that words matter,
that what has been heard can change matters
that what lies within a speaker has power
more over and rather
compassion lies in the audience of listeners
this connection needs protection and visitors

Spread this among our messengers
Expressions are beauty’s painters
joy’s musical entertainers
passion’s dedicated organizers
Outlet’s for the organic and artificial
The basic human principal
thank you Expressions for making this possible

The Trade In

Traded in the fleeting ecstaticĀ  pleasure of an orgasm
for deeper connections with the self and others
for deeper desire of joy to enjoy and to suffer

Exchanged the use of serotonin re uptake inhibitors
for exercise, good sleep, meditation and being a better listener
listening to the body, mind and soul
Timed Doctor visits of 5 mins don’t help fill the hole,
The goal is to use the natural cleaners
not to use quick pills to make the process easier

Brought my black lung cough and hospital bills to the counter
for morning runs, half marathon training and running partners
Having asthma was always a weight of armor, making me slower
put down the smoking to make me stronger
traded up and now panic attacks don’t act up

Donated uppers, downers and those that start at the center
for the pleasure of this latest endeavor
we will not live forever
counting days, months, years down to the measure
the most real experience is one that you don’t have to sever
settling into the pressure takes effort and is prone to error
but it brings you together in the face of tremor and terror
the tenderness of finding something better

Gave away all the ways I felt I was a slave
to having no fear of every again being in a cage
stopped caring about the whole world as a stage
and rather focused on the book I’m writing by the page

Gave away alcohol’s drunken rage
and it’s passive dismissive phase
where clear headed judgement couldn’t gauge
when and how to engage
now spontaneity allows me to re-arrange

Traded in a mind frame so I wouldn’t find someone else to blame
owned up my mistakes and take full responsibility
through the civility of taking it to my name
life has never been the same
I hope it continues to change
for as long as I keep trading in these things