The Jace Shuffle

Long hair, long dances through long nights
longing for the source of this force in-sight
belonging to the present
what a gift to kiss so pleasant
wrong forgets its name in the right segments of frames
she holds these sequences in movement
grooves to use the mold of the music

smiles never hurt so bad
while clad in a dress of glad
style asked for tips
to which she permitted answers
“lip your voice with truth and come closer”
say no further
He found choice in every motion
as she sung magic in memories of devotion.
Time stops its commotion
the mode of intense passionate emotions
dancing to the step of bodies woven into oxytocin

never before had he tasted this potion
the one of mystery that is completely free
Necessary, found stories of fairies and fireflies
while the garden grows in the summer sun shine
they miss through distance and wish
which way and when?
how long does pain and joy pretend?
this might be
the right chance to enhance what could be
romance glanced at circumstance

Only to ask for one more dance

Love yourself

Love yourself, love your Higher Power, love others
in that order, all together
Rediscover what you have known all along,
the connections are strong, even when you feel you don’t belong
it is here with you, even when you think it is gone
loving yourself in all tendencies and tenderly
confidence and esteem to manage integrity,
practices help with consistency
Mindful meditation, empathy and care for others in recovery
The stories are all the same with a slight change
we are all on the same spectrum in a different range,
things can be re-wired in the brain,
it takes time, patience and the ability to abstain
gratitude for the haves and have nots
attitude less on the wants but to want not

As we sought through prayer to be more aware
of a higher power’s care
we can fire the old God sitting in his chair
and hire a new one who listens to you share
write a dialogue,
prepare for when in need of guidance
God and goodness speak to us in silence

Love others through loving yourself
recognize you have a hidden golden Buddha of wealth
In the search for meaning, the hand we are dealt
is what we are receiving and nothing else
we are the container, not the ice that melts
so no matter what you’re filled with or how you fill
love others, love your higher power
and above all else love yourself

The Falling Star

The Fall
Among the stars, moons and planets
from among the universe she had landed

Knocking away at memory
forgetting all identity and belonging
lost and afraid from arriving

Not without her shine
she traveled through a shrine
upon a path that she should find
an apostle in the form of an opposum
who was scared away from her light that blossoms

Continuing to shine and reflect
taking a path to trek around
next found by a skunk walking on the ground
startled by her brightness of sound
the skunk sprayed and ran westbound

This fallen star broke down
distressed, faithless and a mess with stinkiness
around a corner to a cave she would brave
hoping to find comfort in a conclave
but her light shine too bright for the enclosure
causing trouble to the bats not used to the exposure
so they drove her out as a loner

Worn out by disorder she no longer sauntered
but with nowhere to go, through the forest she wandered
looking for answers.

While she traveled looking onward was a hunter
A majestic powerful panther
attracted by the light shown outward
the predator saw an easy target to conquer
Waiting for the moment to pounce and strike
Attacking with sharp teeth and claws
she was strong and withstood the pain that came from his paws
leaving the panther dejected, unable to succeed with a mighty jaw
leaving this star fractured the panther withdrew
and in the field of morning dew did the star come to

Through that awakening she knew
that she needed to hide from others point of view
covered in mud, she patched herself to be hidden
just as the morning sun sets in, the mud began to thicken
allowing no light to penetrate outward from within
Now in search for the known once forgotten

She sees other beings
hoping for love and acceptance
the star mimics and imitates
years pass at the same rate
while she continues to assimilate
A master deceiver is the mask the star creates
so much so that she forgets what she already knows
that deep within is a star’s fiery glow

The mud thickened to a concrete shell
The feeling of who the star was did not sit well
a part always felt apart
separate, in deep longing aware
for something
for somewhere

One day she fell not walking with care
The Fall
a piece of concrete came off what she wears
light spilling through the open air
The light ignites the star from her despair
eager and encouraged to curiously investigate her hair
breaking off the shell of earthenware

In the original state she becomes conscious and aware
of who she truly is and has always been
letting others know and think of their own skin
many followed and broke off their covering
discovering what they have been hiding

This truth changed the world
brighter, more truthful and visible
fallen stars returned to shining far
capable of being who they were meant to be
and who they are


A hello from around the corner
People we should get to know closer
Ask, and you will find a helper
Offer, and you can see what fosters

Perhaps years will pass the time
Stories and Memories to divvy from the mind
Recipes and Reciprocity
Real connection in proximity

The rest is history
We make this street from identity
Spring’s arriving, Fall’s decorating
The first flowers of the new year appear
In the meadow and heaths we hold dear


Together again
connected as breath to life
separate pieces of the Self
never have been separate from anything else

a constant refocus
as the eye of Horus
the pointed horns of Taurus
a singing choir of Om in chorus

The joining principle among us
connecting recovery to service
singularity knows its purpose

this compassion
asks nothing but for patience

in principle
the yoga is inseparable
in practice
the yogi instructs the able
in form
the posture is indestructible

Many ages have we lived through spirits we gave and continue to give till gone
Taking cannot be had with full hands and the glad lyrics of dialogue live on
The yogi continues to show us our own song

Fall Down

I fall quite often, and it hurts
the pain reminds me of the fragility I exert
everything has a place, much more gentle than it can take
taste the circular texture
coming back around for another measure
slice me a piece of pleasure
so I can walk by and resist under pressure

Talk the talk if you like
your actions speak so loudly I can’t hear what your saying
the mic is waiting until your prayers sing

give me roots so I can climb higher than before
it takes time, like believing in the old lore
rhymes fine enough to shine the sun through doors
find mine combined with sublime toughness to explore
the rugged terrain filled with cuts, scrapes and sores

be badly beaten
take hits, its the only way to put yourself together
if you don’t know what bits your made of
_then how can you take a byte?
chunks of the past, memories leftover and thrown away
ready for less burdensome lessons, lonesome and found
surrounded by the world, lost in your own hometown
the path of the way is profound
profoundly simple
in what you have known all along in principal

go over obstacles
fall down
get back up

Body of Water

The wind ripping at the clothes of a young man speeding to his love
She waits for him
Her natural body fueled by the energy of underground springs
Even in these frigid and harsh mornings his mind is set.

When water arises from underground reservoirs it stay the same temperature upon arrival
It is cleansed by the underground system of limestone pockets
As he arrives on bicycle to the majestic river he stands in awe

Pulls out a pencil and notebook to try and capture this moment
he sits in joy as he sees others jump in the water
water that is much warmer than the outside wind chill

He sits and feels his toes in the grass
after some time he strips to his trunks
says a prayer of gratitude
jumps head first to kiss the body of his beloved
connecting his body of water with hers

The voice of God is silence

If you listen closely
with ears concentrating
on the present moment

you can hear the voice of God
the voice is silence

nothing contains anything and something
everything includes nothing
The emptiness of nothing
leaves a resounding peace

Can you sit in stillness with God?
could you spare 5 minutes?

If willing, pay close attention to the breath
this expanding action is your connection to the universe
nothing could be more fundamental
nothing could be more forgotten
than making the involuntary voluntary

As you approach the shore of your reason
casting imagination of what lies beyond
keep faith
open yourself to compassion
release your power and influence

hear the voice of God in silence