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I write poems and lyrical medleys for fun and this is an accumulation of a few years of rhymes and reasoning so far. I hope you enjoy what you read.

Poem for Zoe

Spread your wings and dig in with your boots
The world of your truth is the best tasting of fruits
It takes a while, there is no rush to style
the weird strangeness of youth is a gift
trial your way through what you feel is true
lifting up different rocks
be curious and don’t stop questioning
There is always more than one way to be learning

Welcome to the planet
Welcome home to your family who loves you dear
and it’s clear, that this love will grow with each year
in every birthday, anniversary and change
some things stay the same

Waiting Stages

Been waiting like steady wages, for ages
to rip the best rhymes off pages to spit on these stages
Its where we my mind is designed to open cages

Never been the same since I learned how to turn my brain
consistently and classically trained, to change the sustain and staccato
my flow goes to grow inside that part of you that always stays alive
maintain, my motto is similar to survive but looking for gains
About that time we find rappers that are more of a sage
than a tyrant’s rein, We all know the villain’s name
Where are the heros, where are the cypher circles
Used to rap, back at the capitol to see whose words are more versatile
young kids with the pain under their lids, who knew which one would see a bid, Now we know what’s possible,

I have worked in many industries
Service, Healthcare and Software
my favorite has been MC of the city
Poetry for the the nitty gritty
for those who picked this hobby up in the lobby
music therapy used to choose your destiny
Used to teach the youth through a vocal booth
opened up after school on the east side of Caesar Chev
Chi Town and kids of the underground
haven’t seen any clans or squads,
instead people coming as mobs
Lots of love for people doing their jobs
Tip nice and take your own advice
I write like it’s my last night of life
My last mic to pass the time and strife
New heights is where I care to place my sights
bringing up others where ever I can discover
knowing it is a lonely road we each need to suffer
Words from your neighborhood lover
signed your brother b,

Remember Me

The one who was never lost, but lived inside where you have been alive
All this time, found ways to stay small
a big cost to not stand tall and thrive
changing the way, for it is the way, we do more than survive

Since I first quenched my thirst on hitting strides
hitting my sides as I run down the streets
breathing the air of where we keep ambitions
I can’t sleep cuz I’m too in love with the life I’m living

You have now been forgiven
for every mistake you have ever made
Driven into the grace and taking a token for your place
It’s right here and now
no matter what, legitimately everything is allowed
consequences are to be embraced out loud

Taking my fate into my own hands
knowing God’s got other plans
and, that’s fine and dandy
sugar rhymes sweet as candy
better for your teeth to cut on this poetry
remember me


The creators and maintainers of the gears
that will keep things moving this year and the next
have no fear about how big and complex is the sphere
or how interconnected everything appears
# Network topology interface technology
plugged into the racks and stacks of how everything stays of track
The change, is the only true fact that won’t be changing
When there is a fire that won ‘t expire,
who else would you want to be hiring?
Fixing problems and solving ahead of time
with a desire to never have to come back to that wire design
post mortems, blameless and it’s fine to write out all the crimes
mistakes happen, its almost designed where everything fails, all the time.
contingency plans and it all goes to the systems we have in place
consistently supply demand to the flow of queries in space
the patching, rebuilding and rearchitecting for the willing
lord knows starting over is a sobering feeling
but sometimes you can’t be rolling over broken wheels
self healing and self service is the manifest of how we work best
open source, open api and open telemetry
with my poetry i give you a piece of this industry
capsized into a capsul of a small dose of how we measure to size
the pleasure of the wise to share their endeavors they tried
Why is a great question to ask first to avoid the worst
Buying the most expensive shiny tool in the shed
has been the hearse for many dead in their career
You cannot spend your way into the clear
problems take an engineer

Opening Doors

Never found a spot as nice as right now
This clever plot of life is the piece you have found
bound to be the puzzle you continuously take apart

Where do you find the most truth in your heart?

this quiet silence in illuminated dark
haven’t quit since starting back the art
turning to stacking laps, another path
learning all that he can grasp

These grips of love on the finger tips
of the trips we have allowed time to slip

Permit me, the luxury of finding any tiny memory
right here, right now
giving the greatest thanks to unveiling the shroud
the growth of the hope we so cope with making loud
is a momentum
a rhythm, scoping how to take out the soul for a stroll

Just another day, breathing God’s breath
whatever is left after
words made in tears of joy and laughter
having wept finales, only looking forward to new beginnings

A new face to winnning
is this process, that is just starting
opening the door , to see what else is in store

\a version of the past future

Just putting it to the page, remembering the passage in the caves
these fickle ways of the past have lasted longer than the last
picking up pieces of fast hitting motions of where you are
this haze of yours can’t go that far
there is always the first time driving a car

I remember who you are
We were there together, you and me
The path of the righteously free will set you to be
as true as all possibilities, taking away your misery
replacing it with the truth of your youthful magesty
why I am so happy , that you decided to join us
feel this happenstance and ask when was the last time you danced
and answer me this, when was the last time you felt bliss

his story of old and lore, of my lord
the most valuable tool you can afford
is to treat the memories like gold your moving towards
unearth the shell of, well for right now answers are necessary
your mind is worth more than any design
not even close, technology can’t scratch the surface of your brain’s dirt
rhymes from the likes of mine are a flirt of apple pie divine
destined to testify why it tastes so fine

A birthday poem on Celebration

Bold, Beautiful and Untamed
the wildflower hanging from a horse’s mane
claimed her strength in tangling
unrestrained and adventuring

Attentive and in tension
surrounding trees in breeze leaves
live in whispers of the winds mention
to believe in destiny
is to be free

The mountain ranges symphony arrangements
orchestrate a powerful presence
ever since the hours present
a gift to observant residents

lazy dog lounging days
after hearding where work is all play
the moon has its way on this effect
manifest praying a heart’s dialect

the universe suspects some might given
the blessing of paths crossed
forgiveness of pains of hard costs
big risks that always seem less lost

a celebration of life as estatic
a feeling of four walls with no roof
for tall trees have roots in the music
of our called nature truth uses


I’m back trying to cope with my feelings.
Not poetry but a personal diary of expression.
How can this pain I feel be let go.
I asked God
and his answer was surprising

to the breath of the air in your lungs
take time to
these breaks take a real understanding
of how to take the fake illusions
away from mishandling

Ramblings of a man trying to stand
connected to the love

These moments pass,
glad I am back to ask if I up for the task


That moment where music forces you out of a chair
where sitting still couldn’t bare witness
a participant among the insistence
it didn’t take long to get there

Where else inspires you to wear the hat of presence
Ever since, the most benevolence packed in packages
The raps of shares in lessons, my dear beloved
messages from up above embedded in the lovage

Scared and afraid of the courageous challenges
still standing tall and walking firm in rain showers
filling the cup of brothers and sisters needing whispers
The higher powers are all around

Climbing mountain edges and boulders
as responsibilities shoulder joy and pain
never the be the same again
Names don’t paint these pictures

It takes a few measures to endeavor a pleasurable adventure
Who knew we grew into our selves
well, it might as well be swell to be story we want heard to tell
I’m pretty sure the change occurs where we might concur

So now that the pot has been stirred and released
The sigh and gasp of freedom
free styling in momentum

Come and linger

dreaming of morning twilight mysteries
these swaying trees go to work standing strong
continuing the cycle of growing, even if less than an inch a day
outside my window I watch
distracted by the spirit of curious four legged friends

Powerful memories of whimsical smiles
of sly joking jabs
in mountains and valleys
on trains and buses
bustling across destinations and arrivals

slow home cooked conversations of meals
and the pause before eating
all leave me in wonder
that the presence of God could ever have a doubt

What is worth fighting for:
back scratches and after work hugs
small notes found in cupboards and on mirrors
the playful holding hands and fingers

the truth that forever lingers