\a version of the past future

Just putting it to the page, remembering the passage in the caves
these fickle ways of the past have lasted longer than the last
picking up pieces of fast hitting motions of where you are
this haze of yours can’t go that far
there is always the first time driving a car

I remember who you are
We were there together, you and me
The path of the righteously free will set you to be
as true as all possibilities, taking away your misery
replacing it with the truth of your youthful magesty
why I am so happy , that you decided to join us
feel this happenstance and ask when was the last time you danced
and answer me this, when was the last time you felt bliss

his story of old and lore, of my lord
the most valuable tool you can afford
is to treat the memories like gold your moving towards
unearth the shell of, well for right now answers are necessary
your mind is worth more than any design
not even close, technology can’t scratch the surface of your brain’s dirt
rhymes from the likes of mine are a flirt of apple pie divine
destined to testify why it tastes so fine

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