The grind stone

Break up all the pieces of action to reap a new medicine
a new regimen
take a taste to see if it needs more flavorin
major in shamanic healing
with a minor, instilling faith to believing
stillness is waiting
quiet is necessary
just as the grind stone needs kneading

picture perfect potion portions
pressed pedestals into fallen pedals
instead we try through trial and error
trial and tribulations on the trail of concentration

the mind follows the body
those who say otherwise are sloppy
you can’t get by without energy
it is finite to the mind’s infinite potential that will set you free

Try helping someone else
when your stuck with a problem of the self

The grind stone needs no apology for grinding
it takes no excuse,
it is simply the tool we use for use
utility is consistency’s bigger brother
children of pragmatic wonder and the realist father

build your surroundings like an author
imagining the best possible circumstance
then dance and chance your way to the highest aim
without any doubt that the vision will not be claimed
but still you will find things are not the same

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