Rob Jackson

Met a real poet
more importantly someone who has spirit

Guan Yin Tea House
hosted by Chris the San Martian
where is motivation and inspiration?

energy from tiny cups of carefully picked creations
roasted and sweet
toasted with heat
coasting to memories from a seat

two Buddhists meet
to share experience and deliverance
in different approaches to writing diligence
of finding the necessity of our adherance
the calling of hearing chance

past present and future
all get smashed together in a few hours
met a poet, met a witness
waiting to read the code
as a remedy for a sickness

still this fits into fitness of growth
to see how we can share this treassure
Friday is the publication of some answers

tell your story Brother,
others may also find the way to discover
the impact of making a pact to take a crack at
traveling into the unknown

wrapped the story with tone
into some freestyles with music from the phone
tapping into shared space from our own
what is shown in the words is more than meaning
how we relate is more than collaborating

lets build a village
an outlet for the spark of the young
a new tool to salvage songs not yet sung

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