Spoken and Heard
Where I first found the word of God
The Bahai Center has always been of fond memories
Some of the greatest poetry
musicians, orators, comedians, story tellers
Thom the world rapper
Linda Marie’s voice as a singer
John Barry the Bluesman
many others who took this stage in hand

I met Nastarand Kehrad
her book ” In the house of BiBi”
a life of a bahai in Iran’s tragic history

Memories as deep as scars healed uncleanly
still we bandage the wounds
here lies the ancient tombs of imagination we consume
of experiences we tell
like fond smells of distinct perfumes

10 years ago I found this room
I was trying to find a voice I could appreciate
Immature but sure trying to find an escape
this relief although brief sparked a powerful belief
that words matter,
that what has been heard can change matters
that what lies within a speaker has power
more over and rather
compassion lies in the audience of listeners
this connection needs protection and visitors

Spread this among our messengers
Expressions are beauty’s painters
joy’s musical entertainers
passion’s dedicated organizers
Outlet’s for the organic and artificial
The basic human principal
thank you Expressions for making this possible

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