I’m Grateful for being an Addict
The best thing that could have happened is the tragic
The fall from grace to shame and blame
a tall order I couldn’t tame
control that wouldn’t hear its name

gratitude for my new attitude
to have found the cost of being lost
the long longing for a latitude

For clarity there must be confusion
for doubt there must be faith
climbing out of the depths of pain and hate
to find the love and passion of not needing to escape

without gratitude I wouldn’t have a family
soaking in the abyss of missing ecstasy
that constant reaching, only to be taught exhaustion

Gratitude now fires up my engine
synonymous with purpose
anonymous donations of a purchase
it teaches stillness to the nervous
volunteering it’s time to be of service
worthwhile for the feeling of being worthless

You can touch the naked body of your dreams
as life’s pain does not need to be as it seems
the mirror of your mind doesn’t need cleaning
there is no mirror so dust cannot be collecting

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