Sharing Kahlil Gibran

Khalil Gibran wrote the prophet
a Lebanese poet who touched the spirits
one who understood his connection and could hear it
When asked of pain,
“Pain is the breaking of the shell of your understanding”
When asked of self knowledge,
“Your heart knows in silence the secrets to the days and nights”
“but your ears thirst for the sounds of your hearts knowledge”
It takes a smile to wear courage
may we live long enough to carry this message,
progress not perfection will take the obsession,
the opposite to addiction is connection,
words from our deepest perception,
stir the pot that got our attention,
we are ready for examination!
Steadying the hands of the surgeon,
this life has one chance so there must be precision,
since when has there been need for condition,
at the precipice of polite resignation<
-lies the peace of our determination

Power is second to the influence of compassion,
use voice to hoist our choices direction,
It was on that day we found
the purpose of passion,
and its chain reaction.

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