Genetically Emotional

I am emotional by design
It is is in my blood and heritage
a shia born to wail and moan as a martyr writing his words in stone
I have had to listen to my voice and tone

It has taken quite a while
you could always hear it in my freestyle
Some are visual, others get it through the audio
me, I feel the reality, maybe that is why I have to write poetry
I wondered why I wasn’t a good stoic
why I liked to write but not to edit

When things are raw it’s most digestible
I trust my instinct of what is suseptible
having had to train my brain over obstacles
it has been a wild ride of the possible

Is this my strength or weakness?
Meditation teaches me to abstain from judgement of quickness
Seek first to understand then to be understood for forgiveness
Would my heart break apart into sickness
if I didn’t attempt the big business of being fearless?

After a few minutes or silence I bear witness
thoughts got caught in madness
I need to wait until they finish
wait until they are ripe like fruiting citrus
wait for needles of leaves to fall off the cypress
wait for the moment to celebrate like Christmas

I am quick to rise and fall
but understanding I have this giant wall
allows me to interact with you all
mostly glad I don’t turn to the alcohol

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