Letter to a fellow poet – It has been a while

Where are the poetry venues these days?
Its been a while
Freestyles, written and reciting rhetoricians.
take my ears better than any politician,
I have been missin all of the intuition in formation,
the healthy habit of poetry digestion
is a necessity for consistent internal rehabilitation,every now and then I put on a beat and pretend
to just bend and break the words when there is nothing else to be heard
The Television and and movies are too much for the eyes
I need something for my ear follicles to rise
Sizing up a measure is a pleasure for the wise endeavor
We all know we won’t live forever
but our words put up a very powerful structure.Life changes in many strange arrangements<
Change is synonymous to life as range from the present to the ancients
I miss having an aim for attainment
for the sake of beauty’s placement
I have learned a few new recipes of entertainment
and shed the previous ideologies of my contagion
Joy can be forgotten in old practices
annoyed that the toys we avoid are so miraculous
getting through the void
boy I tell you it sometimes feels like sheer randomness.

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