It has been such a while

I have missed you, sorry for having been so long
It feels like life times find a man strapped for rhymes
not forgotten, wrong turns on the right type of way to learn
Way to not let the candle burn by letting it stay with the wick
Wickedness is not using that which you fit, covering up tricks
Lover of all of the above and mixed, tip my glass for every last trip
take a sip, let me show you why we exist. For this shit

To make something different, a letter better
than has been done before, in such a man, or in this manor
of Fact, never decided to keep score, of how much more we can afford
tracks dropped knowledge and valor right onto the floor

Some of these deplorable horrible sores keep be bored, of what we record
My history is definitely crafted by the stories I call reality,
face value is hardly the venue to come through, blues poetry ballads on the menu
and for dessert, for more energy to exert, the inertia was where it hurt