Instruments of function
She is a part of every chapter
a few times a year sent a letter

routines, habits
“a few of my favorite things”
Since leaving the ineffective
things are never the same except change.
process improvements sharpen
instead of escaping, let’s break in!

F*ck Rhymes
been doing a pattern for too long
thinking about thinking
can emotions be pushed aside?

Breathing is difficult
don’t need doctors for answers
Cigarettes no longer look cool
Marijuana only brings hazy memories of laziness
Now needing harder drugs like love and meditation
and breath
and to breathe

The Palace of Rhymes
is just a Palace

these corridors of broken stanzas
these unused lusting opinions falling as Empire

I miss the poets
they fueled the awkward
pushed air in the halls where space wasn’t seen
Time will bring them back
especially when lonely
Poets need lonely