End of the 1st Quarter

End of the 1st quarter
and a report is in order
of course there is a source to the history we encountered
document poetry in the work after hours
compliment style with wild bluebonnet flowers
also getting outside away from computers

I feel there was much learned this last semester
Relations change and so do the seasons
Released sustain through different mechanisms
there are many forms of automation to a system
like changing daily routines and regimens
to be more clean and genuine, it’s like medicine
Render my favorite drug as the natural rush, adrenaline

Looking to the future to see what’s cooking
took out the journal, book and calendar
planning makes things look much easier
Stand to correct over standard operating procedure

Grand aspirations to become a master
Take a mentor and students to teach the features

More practice and preciseness to actually make some new devices
textually stocked a good lot of that written thought
Leaders are not bought and sold, bold as priceless
Readers of forgotten told stories, molded out of crisis
glory is never found around survivors feeling lifeless
constant state of awareness is an arrest of the conscious

The quarters ends and another starts
A team is a series of moving parts
First year as an engineer with a degree in liberal arts
-john tabrizi


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