Happy Persian New Year

Happy Persian New Year
may it be filled with love and cheer
may your dreams appear right here
in reality there are externals
things we can’t change but learn from like a journal
this one life eternal steers us into different portals

One thing for sure is that we won’t be immortal
our species needs a shift in order and principles
It starts with an individual
growing like a seed from gardening rituals

After work, running till it hurts
Push, pull and sit ups for dessert
Rock the shirt that changes designs
Hard sweat takes yards and miles to find
By the bar, far from the outline
spontaneous action tastes like precarious laziness
routine and regimen run the rules and gym
to workout the conflicts and haziness
Write down on the lines
where you define how intentions were missed
Goals were set, but not all were kept
allowing us to start over in retrospect
is all that was needed in respect to respect
Happy new year
I’m glad you could make it here

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