Supreme Love
what I’m looking for
of course dreams get shoved for another
your daily routines make your life, all together

A ‘kind of blue’
who knew the blues
find mine on the rhymes of 1’s and 2’s
since the first encounter
built the counter with wooden screws
we wouldn’t lose
unless we viewed corporate TV news
This is bullshit from Texas like Ted Cruz

A mighty fine time to reanalyze the lies’ shine
A guitar riff gift to lift a prize
My how time flies when there is a bass line

The best to ever test the manifest
Blueprints published in the newsprint
Yes, finesse is stressed as a hint
Sprinting full speed burns more calories
by dint of a blink or a squint

It’s hard to see the point
when so close to the surface
it takes stepping back to understand the circuit
Rap tracks stacked in my back pack makes other rappers nervous
My purpose, to make this more than lip service
twirling like a devious drunk dervish

I still remember her face if I focus quick
so staying bogus in a slowness is my shtick
Thinking more with my mind and soul than my dick
Rock lyrical rap joints with a guitar and pick
looking like Stevie Ray Vaughn with magic tricks

At least until I’m gone
build up by the brick a large pantheon

Straight off the wire
The Love that dissipates from the Squire
Yes Sire, EADGBE on the lyre
sometimes tuned a half step down rather than higher
Guitar to the cable to the amplifier
Mind to the body to the soul’s best attire

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