The world run by visuals

In the world run by the visual, write textual
right like fight night champion titles
write like achievement obstacles written in journals
Mighty powerful
found in kernels
sounds of learning found internal
bound as a bind to micro particles
tourist in my own city at the downtown carnival
Fluent in being thrifty by the pound
Handling controls like at the terminal

In the world run by visuals
see if you can articulate goals in syllables
Mindfulness exists and is more than playground politics
adult readership subscription
to better analyze the life we were given
to the one in which we are actually liven
Livid from the timid previous position of playing chicken
Given in 110% passion to get past addictions
developing new regimes and regimens
Clean as an optimized machine glistening in the wind
its starts with your heart at the beginning
continues to the brain for cognition
finally to the whole body

more of a feeling than a visual seen like a painting

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