my routine, always changing

Changed a routine and regime so steadfast some asked of what discipline
the one where its constantly practicin
if ‘improve’ is not in your attitude you will lose and not win
Specialist in verbal wit and spin, cunning courage deserves a grin
From the very beginning it was all in the first steps
Left my eyes dry from all I wept
Would bet my possessions on learning new lessons
kept by tight discretion rather than distraction
setup the configuration
to do diligence on delicate matters of action
Met my match once I saw I wasn’t the only one who could patch
make something from scratch. chain reactions
Taking it back to when rap wasn’t about fashion

Rhyme outlines of blueprints architectural in a sense
Saturday morning two cents at the expense of common sense
There are rare kinds but have other troubles due to their shine
mind the designs, their structured to wobble and shuffle
keeping us human and humble among all the ruckus and rubble
Life is like the greatest puzzle

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