Go Live day

Tomorrow morning early
wake up @ 4:30
months of configurations and testing is ready

Taking live clients to a newer platform
where it all matters and is monitored
Requesting access to the servers
Project managers and DBAs
Running DBMs and data packages
using correct Database language practices
Update versions, run the SQL script
if all goes well by lunch you will have learned quite a bit

Hope and pray nothing breaks in the worst way
Post Production issue resolution
is the probable next step in the project’s completion

Go live day is when Upgrades transition
and all the preparation in the equation is given
To recreate expectations
Signed to this date at the rate of compensation

The aperture of aptitude
when used with the right attitude
could improve the height altitude
of seeing top down macro point of views

the architect of the structure
is the growing knowledge base in all of us together
It takes a team to take it much farther

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