Voting Day

Voting day
Super Delegates and Super PACs
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pre-tax
years of campaigning
which is really the same thang as asking for money
the most expensive in the world
and with the least participation
5 Billion $
as currently predicted
a harm that only gets more pernicious
Racist candidates and racist statements
Fascists on the rise in my nation
from reality tele to shitty radio stations
“leaders” who don’t know shit about delegation
the ones with vision are removed from discussion
repercussions of concussions from an American bludgeon
“The police chief was concerned for our protection”
right, like capital punishment with painful chemical injections
ironic stoic expressions of a man out of alignment
released free after 27 years of solitary confinement
systemic failures
not a good enough excuse
Pardon the president for not pardoning suffered truth
Politics is pundits who mostly don’t have any proof
I voted for Sanders and not because of the chicken coop
but because this kurnel doesn’t even take wall street loot
and who will change the way campaign financing pollutes?
who will help pick up our boots?

Voting day blues played on the flute
take root, at the causes with which you constitute
Flawless must be our plan
for the future is messier than we can understand
a minute footprint in the sands of destinies of grandeur
only to try to survive the times we would take a gander
At least our voice isn’t censored
yeah, but our voices don’t even matter
Black lives know this even better
A voting day letter

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