The E flat pentatonic scale ragtime

There is no other feeling like the blues
realizing when it is all just you
No one else to make you feel like you feel or do what you do
100% within the innards
something that can’t be expressed in words or figures
I heard there’s a margin or error
where you can see perception like through windows and mirrors
clearer than sober weeks
a writer to ink soaked sheets

when the volume of life gets turned so far down
and it’s hard to really understand the little sounds
Mountains get made out of molehills
but still can’t seem to get the thrill, for it’s never found
Bb king knew it was all about the tone,
just as guitar strings are wound
so too are our body’s minds
and the wounds which unravel over time
Bound to a particular design

The E flat pentatonic scale ragtime


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