The first mile is the most difficult
then the body adapts
muscles stretch and breath retracts
today hit my max,
topped at 4.5
I bet next time I make it alive at 5
a 10K in 3 weeks is about 6.2
hopefully I can use the same shoes

I can rap longer than I can run
maybe hitting the track can reverse what’s done
Some come from a tradition of attrition
The vibe in my tribe is like Phife Dog in ‘Electric Relaxation’
mental participation
One found one and other
to make another takes the discipline of a lover
concentration to be steady as ever
ready to relate the story like a reporter
all-ready, right like insight from a trainspotter
Modify the invention farther
Do not be fooled and confused
as all the tools can now be used to amuse.

Miles before we sleep
Wild bluebonnets smell fill the street
knowing when the journey is complete

Happy Persian New Year

Happy Persian New Year
may it be filled with love and cheer
may your dreams appear right here
in reality there are externals
things we can’t change but learn from like a journal
this one life eternal steers us into different portals

One thing for sure is that we won’t be immortal
our species needs a shift in order and principles
It starts with an individual
growing like a seed from gardening rituals

After work, running till it hurts
Push, pull and sit ups for dessert
Rock the shirt that changes designs
Hard sweat takes yards and miles to find
By the bar, far from the outline
spontaneous action tastes like precarious laziness
routine and regimen run the rules and gym
to workout the conflicts and haziness
Write down on the lines
where you define how intentions were missed
Goals were set, but not all were kept
allowing us to start over in retrospect
is all that was needed in respect to respect
Happy new year
I’m glad you could make it here


Supreme Love
what I’m looking for
of course dreams get shoved for another
your daily routines make your life, all together

A ‘kind of blue’
who knew the blues
find mine on the rhymes of 1’s and 2’s
since the first encounter
built the counter with wooden screws
we wouldn’t lose
unless we viewed corporate TV news
This is bullshit from Texas like Ted Cruz

A mighty fine time to reanalyze the lies’ shine
A guitar riff gift to lift a prize
My how time flies when there is a bass line

The best to ever test the manifest
Blueprints published in the newsprint
Yes, finesse is stressed as a hint
Sprinting full speed burns more calories
by dint of a blink or a squint

It’s hard to see the point
when so close to the surface
it takes stepping back to understand the circuit
Rap tracks stacked in my back pack makes other rappers nervous
My purpose, to make this more than lip service
twirling like a devious drunk dervish

I still remember her face if I focus quick
so staying bogus in a slowness is my shtick
Thinking more with my mind and soul than my dick
Rock lyrical rap joints with a guitar and pick
looking like Stevie Ray Vaughn with magic tricks

At least until I’m gone
build up by the brick a large pantheon

Straight off the wire
The Love that dissipates from the Squire
Yes Sire, EADGBE on the lyre
sometimes tuned a half step down rather than higher
Guitar to the cable to the amplifier
Mind to the body to the soul’s best attire

The world run by visuals

In the world run by the visual, write textual
right like fight night champion titles
write like achievement obstacles written in journals
Mighty powerful
found in kernels
sounds of learning found internal
bound as a bind to micro particles
tourist in my own city at the downtown carnival
Fluent in being thrifty by the pound
Handling controls like at the terminal

In the world run by visuals
see if you can articulate goals in syllables
Mindfulness exists and is more than playground politics
adult readership subscription
to better analyze the life we were given
to the one in which we are actually liven
Livid from the timid previous position of playing chicken
Given in 110% passion to get past addictions
developing new regimes and regimens
Clean as an optimized machine glistening in the wind
its starts with your heart at the beginning
continues to the brain for cognition
finally to the whole body

more of a feeling than a visual seen like a painting

my routine, always changing

Changed a routine and regime so steadfast some asked of what discipline
the one where its constantly practicin
if ‘improve’ is not in your attitude you will lose and not win
Specialist in verbal wit and spin, cunning courage deserves a grin
From the very beginning it was all in the first steps
Left my eyes dry from all I wept
Would bet my possessions on learning new lessons
kept by tight discretion rather than distraction
setup the configuration
to do diligence on delicate matters of action
Met my match once I saw I wasn’t the only one who could patch
make something from scratch. chain reactions
Taking it back to when rap wasn’t about fashion

Rhyme outlines of blueprints architectural in a sense
Saturday morning two cents at the expense of common sense
There are rare kinds but have other troubles due to their shine
mind the designs, their structured to wobble and shuffle
keeping us human and humble among all the ruckus and rubble
Life is like the greatest puzzle

Go Live day

Tomorrow morning early
wake up @ 4:30
months of configurations and testing is ready

Taking live clients to a newer platform
where it all matters and is monitored
Requesting access to the servers
Project managers and DBAs
Running DBMs and data packages
using correct Database language practices
Update versions, run the SQL script
if all goes well by lunch you will have learned quite a bit

Hope and pray nothing breaks in the worst way
Post Production issue resolution
is the probable next step in the project’s completion

Go live day is when Upgrades transition
and all the preparation in the equation is given
To recreate expectations
Signed to this date at the rate of compensation

The aperture of aptitude
when used with the right attitude
could improve the height altitude
of seeing top down macro point of views

the architect of the structure
is the growing knowledge base in all of us together
It takes a team to take it much farther

Voting Day

Voting day
Super Delegates and Super PACs
Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious pre-tax
years of campaigning
which is really the same thang as asking for money
the most expensive in the world
and with the least participation
5 Billion $
as currently predicted
a harm that only gets more pernicious
Racist candidates and racist statements
Fascists on the rise in my nation
from reality tele to shitty radio stations
“leaders” who don’t know shit about delegation
the ones with vision are removed from discussion
repercussions of concussions from an American bludgeon
“The police chief was concerned for our protection”
right, like capital punishment with painful chemical injections
ironic stoic expressions of a man out of alignment
released free after 27 years of solitary confinement
systemic failures
not a good enough excuse
Pardon the president for not pardoning suffered truth
Politics is pundits who mostly don’t have any proof
I voted for Sanders and not because of the chicken coop
but because this kurnel doesn’t even take wall street loot
and who will change the way campaign financing pollutes?
who will help pick up our boots?

Voting day blues played on the flute
take root, at the causes with which you constitute
Flawless must be our plan
for the future is messier than we can understand
a minute footprint in the sands of destinies of grandeur
only to try to survive the times we would take a gander
At least our voice isn’t censored
yeah, but our voices don’t even matter
Black lives know this even better
A voting day letter

The E flat pentatonic scale ragtime

There is no other feeling like the blues
realizing when it is all just you
No one else to make you feel like you feel or do what you do
100% within the innards
something that can’t be expressed in words or figures
I heard there’s a margin or error
where you can see perception like through windows and mirrors
clearer than sober weeks
a writer to ink soaked sheets

when the volume of life gets turned so far down
and it’s hard to really understand the little sounds
Mountains get made out of molehills
but still can’t seem to get the thrill, for it’s never found
Bb king knew it was all about the tone,
just as guitar strings are wound
so too are our body’s minds
and the wounds which unravel over time
Bound to a particular design

The E flat pentatonic scale ragtime