Waking to a page

Close your eyes was the first line
opening on a light shine
Exposed to the walls and shadows of the mind
put on boots that never need a shine
huts and barrios
habitats where you wear your hat with the right sign
Live music capital, freestyle battle for the cattle’s grind
Timed exceptionally well to a tune of a poem or a spell
All in all y’all might find it befallen to tell this pattern of it’s origin
An art given a spark camping at a park
the beat repeats the break in many parts
starting smart in taking poetry to the heart

friends chime in, guitar blues background setting
home cooked plates of food with a similar attitude
betting on friendship determining longitude & latitude socially
individuality in a personality of courageous vitality
Futuristic mindset of political economics specs

The riddle follows a rhythm that retracts and injects
expands and examines a trek to inspect metrics
Supplies man always demands it be artificially planned
Disband a professors lecture at the lectern
Manning the material showing externalities  as a visual
Check the published material in chapters
Glen Greenwalt and Laura Poitras are real reporters
and Ed Snowden is our realest rapper
Held in international limbo, Julian Assange looking out his window

It’s a big show that everyone now knows can be measured like tempo
Weridos like me find poetry when were alone looking at methodology
starting to engineer greater value consistently
if you would allow me to tell you it’s the same story repeating

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