Inspired by Reality
faster, more resilient and ready to tinker
everything just seems that much cleaner
sharper focus and demeanor
was able to become a mind reader, deceiver of few
learning how to pick up on clues, never lose
even when you do it’s a lesson for the future you

Dude stopped speaking in slang
found more ways to relax than one thang
bound to be back if frames aren’t changed
New eyes, prescription of the latest edition
Staying fresher than original encounters
the trick is to always listen, especially to intuition
around these corners its your choice to voice parameters
partial participation gets partial results
Ran full strength to empty tanks without needing the thanks
he opened the vault to opportunity and found ranks
value judgement to actions,
behavior modification conditioning practice

Sobriety gives clarity its merit and dignity
Fact is you do deliver better consistently through Sobriety
Life is more than one activity or Faculty
draining energy when it could be produced naturally
re-adapting to the habitat in our surroundings
Sobriety brings less anxiety, money worries and thieving
Cheating, exploiting and regretting
Sobriety knows it’s stand and plans
to not repeat the failures of past beatings
meeting the same road in a new view
can move mountains with the edge of a hand
to Demand what you go through
to be less painful than prior
takes a sobering courage that you must desire

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