inspired by an instrumental fresh off the wire,
fresh off the boat, reminds me of a Link
one rope intertwined in a chain rhyming mind made to think
drinking the drums, eating up the Bass, washed in the sink
Big puns, except it comes from a Persian instead of a Puerto Rican
recipes are different with different tweaks but the same ingredients
steaming pots, bowl after bowl before making salat
original narration for this occasion of a plot we got
Hip Hop instrumental music making at the chop shop
Pop taught to never get caught, or help your friend not get shot
Dope made mopping the floor less of a chore for the small spots
Dope played the record that was hot
Dope stays in your inner thoughts
Dope and lqor brought a can of cannot
as in, you cannot get in, dope can be an evil jin
Dope wins in the short run and but burns out quicker like gin and liquor
Dope is a mean mother f*cker, dopamine is his bigger brother

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