How everything starts

Shine brighter than the sun
Louder than a gun
Soaking up life like a sponge
Make 1 and break it in half
lunge for the pieces that make you laugh
Sit back and ask how are the parts fit to last

The early bird gets the worm
Even the sun couldn’t catch him with its burn
every morning he starts to learn
prefers the time when everyone is sleeping
The trick is to constantly be leaving & arriving
a state of statelessness in an abyss you can’t miss

he stopped finding things to wish for
of course it comes from an inner core
for study he always did 4 more to be ready
for practice catch him in the lobby for breakfast
my rhymes are real life experience
designed by a mind who likes to steal happiness
if serious no one’s going to give it to you
if curious take it when you please
it’s something that can fit in the sleeve of your grief

reprieve the standard preconceived naive impression
that God’s decree fell somewhere around Tel Aviv and Jerusalem
Tell em’ Bij,
I give unchallenged minds a different way to perceive and believe
lyrical accession and cessation of bad presentation
the orchestration will take much concentration
but it’s the only way we will achieve self actualization

Fresh off the train

It has been long since the factory has been publishing
Feels good being in a neighborhood where most is understood
writing is like a bicycle I just found
improvising mic tricks with no delivery to his sound
Mono tone but at least he gets the message across
like cellular phones and tin cans of dinner sauce
My family is my biggest boss

Toss out the garbage there is much to reap of our harvest
Leaving behind old targets that were too unrefined
Bigger pictures require more paint
acquaint to using too much restraint on the mind
“He ain’t the preacher patron saint”
but neither was jesus of nazareth
more of a zealot radical activist

transform through portals of black magic
Poetic freestyle practice
on most days

reaching for performance of something much more gorgeous
it takes planning, procedure and process
lest we forget the diligence and revert to poor habits
Its a regular kind of act, that expands and contracts
back to back laps of spitting raps on that boom bap
can you leave you forgetting to wrap it in a netting sack

Zoom into 10 years and see how you think the future will appear
will we have enough time to sit right here and drink a beer
Fresh off the train, looking for a nice place to rest the brain
I suppose some thangs are only visible with certain frames
Having too much change doesn’t allow you to appreciate things when they don’t stay the same
vice versa versus a middle ground
being able to eyeball a pound
of that raw truth
recorded on a track in a vocal booth
with a sweet tooth for the clever leveraging proof
that we create every second of experience

Our bodies and minds naturally are inclined to filter out that which needs no shine
the darkness of subconscious cannot be restrained or confined

the life in times

For the one I love

Thank you for your kind words and genuineness
For showing me the things I’ve missed
For nice walks and a kiss
You make me want to paint the cliffs of Egypt
with subtitles of hieroglyphics
your love of animals and life is terrific
lets go out to the park for a picnic
where the outdoors is scenic
just a little bit of lyrics


Inspired by Reality
faster, more resilient and ready to tinker
everything just seems that much cleaner
sharper focus and demeanor
was able to become a mind reader, deceiver of few
learning how to pick up on clues, never lose
even when you do it’s a lesson for the future you

Dude stopped speaking in slang
found more ways to relax than one thang
bound to be back if frames aren’t changed
New eyes, prescription of the latest edition
Staying fresher than original encounters
the trick is to always listen, especially to intuition
around these corners its your choice to voice parameters
partial participation gets partial results
Ran full strength to empty tanks without needing the thanks
he opened the vault to opportunity and found ranks
value judgement to actions,
behavior modification conditioning practice

Sobriety gives clarity its merit and dignity
Fact is you do deliver better consistently through Sobriety
Life is more than one activity or Faculty
draining energy when it could be produced naturally
re-adapting to the habitat in our surroundings
Sobriety brings less anxiety, money worries and thieving
Cheating, exploiting and regretting
Sobriety knows it’s stand and plans
to not repeat the failures of past beatings
meeting the same road in a new view
can move mountains with the edge of a hand
to Demand what you go through
to be less painful than prior
takes a sobering courage that you must desire


inspired by an instrumental fresh off the wire,
fresh off the boat, reminds me of a Link
one rope intertwined in a chain rhyming mind made to think
drinking the drums, eating up the Bass, washed in the sink
Big puns, except it comes from a Persian instead of a Puerto Rican
recipes are different with different tweaks but the same ingredients
steaming pots, bowl after bowl before making salat
original narration for this occasion of a plot we got
Hip Hop instrumental music making at the chop shop
Pop taught to never get caught, or help your friend not get shot
Dope made mopping the floor less of a chore for the small spots
Dope played the record that was hot
Dope stays in your inner thoughts
Dope and lqor brought a can of cannot
as in, you cannot get in, dope can be an evil jin
Dope wins in the short run and but burns out quicker like gin and liquor
Dope is a mean mother f*cker, dopamine is his bigger brother