Work that is being done, Tracking Progress

The trick is there is always changing metrics,
Lacking the vision to see past automation’s tendencies
substitute substance of industry into the immaterial clouds
Your allowed only to be so loud so to speak
so reversals of sanctioning money shot politics should be a possibility
Last presidential election cost 2-3 billion, the next should be 10
Focus is on the candidate and not the potential legislation
Voices of the voiceless captured on cell phones cameras
Black Lives Matter written on the banners
Taking down confederate flags at the capital, setting new standards
more questions than answers playing on the pull of momentum

send some letters to our brother and sisters underground
pick a prison there’s one in most towns,
Living every day as drug rehabilitation to stay sober
communities read each other’s stories to see what works
Poetry graffiti in the spirit of William Upski
Making a DAW with MIDI sound like an MPC

slowing learning that physical anger is really just impotency
wisdom is disgusting and can be sold accordingly
rigorous training in unity to bring more of the moral duties
like Moral Monday protests in North Carolina
with Reverend William Barber
in memory of Senator Celmenta Pickney
we will change Calhoun street into his name
moving on to other thangs as the chicken come home to roost their wangs
building bigger bridges in our relationships but we still need the bridges in our transit
before I make my exit I’d likely to explicitly state the obvious
there is much work to do but we are tracking progress
of work that is being done