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The largest civil rights protest go unnoticed in my country,

in 200 different cities where minimum wage at fast food companies isn’t enough

Protests  grow from more Black’s getting killed by cops
We are killing the earth and activists are getting shot

Like Sabeen Mahmud in Pakistan speaking upon activists that are gone

Some of the headlines, most don’t get attention or the time

Even I sometimes don’t find the inclination to reiterate frustration.

Our politics is a ticking time bomb waiting
for billionaires to tell us where we are going.

I an not scared and neither should you, the’re gonna do what they do, were gonna do whut we du
income inequality is the greatest blues story, unfortunately becoming more of a reality
There is no where that pays to write poetry for a salary<
there is no place like a playground where sounds can’t fit a category
we have all of the tools for a social movement for the improvement of authority
I tell my parents when I think they are being unfair as a responsibility
Cops, corrupt judges and attorneys are no longer part of some communities
having abused the people and when of another color even more unequal

the evil sequel of punishment if having the subject admit pleasure in retrospect
an ideological effect
Apply this terrible but effective principle on the pull
that which brings you closer organized with the people
is the rhythm we see still as lethal to our opponents agenda and portfolio

There was this college called Corinthian in 28 campuses with bad practices
got sued by the government, pushed by activists, for 30 million for misrepresenting job placement rates.
Even though this is not great, they closed all of the campuses and said goodbye to 16,000 students on this date
We got a lot of work to do and since we are not Corporations we cannot escape our problems

-John Tabrizi

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