Its been a while

It has been a while since I shared a freestyle,
Sorry for the gap, I have since since moved into a studio dojo

wrapping ideology into a package that lets the average dial in
has been a project in creation
inject my own inspections of worthy reiterations
rectify, audit, and explain is the world of the analyst
most of my days are now spent in databases learning new tricks
hosted by friends who are truly generous burning c02 quick
he was close enough to see the dirty stuff of oil slicks bubble up

I want this to be regular, but a changing medium seems more of a feature
to the grasp of a raspy tone crisply taking down the throne of Mongul preachers
total character, filmed and narrated by the performer, entertainers are also educators
giving thanks for being able to see the wavelengths and change links
playing piano as slow as you blink, throw down a flow and I give you a wink

walked into a smoke shop joking and reminiscing on a decade ago
when a Wu tang joint hit the stereo and the moon shined a light of a glow
in any chop shop of hip hop cats rocking instrumentals and rhymes find the fight of what we know
it was certain lingo, first drafts were my favorite way to go, like opening a curtain to a show

Went to a festival and saw everyone that I know for many years in happiness and in good cheer
it feels like a good year>

I am going to write some of it down right here.

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