2 years of Web poetry posting- Cutlet tasting

2 years of Web poetry posting

Happy Anniversary
this verse is for the poetry factory’s beginning
again, through two whole seasons of soul
maybe in ‘let loose your nana’ Louisiana Creol
but probably next door in Texas ‘don’t mess with us’
Methods of home made recipes seem effortlessly easy
Cooking Cutlet and Kukoo with John Tabrizi’s family

Culet 2 Cutlet 1

Moved from San Marcos back to Austin in Williamson
less than a mile away from Travis and bad habits
I keep quitting cigarettes and forget about it,
Could be that one different year, but I doubt it
changed my wardrobe, irons keep the crease in my clothes
down icy roads on bicycles were my routes cruised quick
where in all of this do you feel at home
at the door of the beloved, on the the floor of the beloved
to be knocking for 1000 years
only to find oneself knocking on a different side than it appears
We cheers our beer and wine
with over 200 poems of rhymes
my mind travels with this time as witness to unwindings
2014’s first publishing

The river was always thundering at it’s waterfall
Can it you hear it calling? come in for some swimming
Splish splash in a fast dip before class
even stopped to pick up trash to keep the scenery in class
Class friction, all news are based on classical editions
the foundation has never been forgiven, or forgotten
Received through hard working action
imagine if we just used a bigger fraction
against a war machine’s faction
and cut PAC’s control of capital
imagine if waste was illegal
if people of different colors were treated as equal
the internet may be evil if privacy becomes unreasonable

Bring all the willing and able capable of moving cables to the table
another year of publishing fables and story time riddles
maybe learn a little piano and fiddle
to record for a few more syllable tongue tickles
the instrumental pours, flows and trickles
turning the water turbine, like photosynthesis in a wine
living on needs means energy is blessed and divine principle

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