This is what happens when Full


Chased her through RECYCLED READS
It was a circle as she is
White magic-reading,speaking,singing,listening
Everyone beaming brighter after with laughter
Went on to KICK BUTT
where SPOKEN&HEARD allows new and strange to be born again
Sunday always has a Benign Blessedness
and every song was New
Then back to Cool Chill Night Dreams
Dreamland is my fave venue-an open mike
for mind and heart,liver and kidneys to combine
following after midnight(poet’s time!
Now she is outside my window one more time
I am dazzled,wilde,moon blind!
Wed 7=HARRIETS WRITING GROUP @strange brew 1-3pm-Hosted by Robin Barratt
6.30-8pm.Hosted by DONNA BOWLING
also BOOK WOMAN 7-9 @5501 North Lamar
Fri9-Green man @6.30 Hosted by LINA&ZOW
Thom MC Woodruff stuff^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Turn off the head lights the moon’s just that F-ing bright tonight!


“Better to go blind because it’s better than wine”

for the men who stare at the moon

to come into a venue to play a tune

a captured audience, in a trance
blooming from blues blessed by the best
ATx poetry texts, where the journal has a vest
yet the journey through a mess can be a stress
we compartmentalize and compress in to segments of sizes
Pictures for the memories in evidence of aliveness

When the night is brightest we tend to look the farthest
Next Expressions lets remember and celebrate the lives of our losses
-John Tabrizi

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