After writing an apology to the family of Mike Brown in the form of poetry

I detest Eulogies
I’d rather write for Weddings, Birthday, and other Celebratory days
tomorrow is Thanksgiving day
Ferguson is ablaze
Protesters gather in a labyrinth of a maze
Kids stop up major bridges
School walk outs in congressional districts
re-election lobbyists funding military equipment
Street Movements
CoAst to CoAst
Black life must be protected
otherwise the Captain gets blood on his jacket coat
Misery does not hope that this is a joke
but true Misery knows it is a joke that there can be hope

When to the common individual
the judicial systemic rope is hardly loosened
since it’s last had it’s tightening
and even the attorney general Eric Holder
is prematurely retiring and leaving instead of fighting
defense secretary Hagel  leaves for a Bagel snack and doesn’t come back
reminds me when Alberto Gonzales who couldn’t recollect jack
The charades of executive power
is more entertaining than soap opera
but it also causes global ripples of drama
but still we journey onward, farther


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