Work Free Weekends

Used to work every weekend
Now every weekend is off and there is more time to pretend
lofty goals of hoity-toity writing and reading
Holding aim on a microsoft OS connected to a mainframe, transmitting

Technology can be a great equalizer for the wiser or richer
or for those just more hungry and creative
he put down the light saber for a pen
left the flak jacket for a rhyming junkie habit or targeting poems
shooting up the alphabet and syntax like three pointers in gym class

A first career where it feels queer to be treated as first class
Never saw my old boss, but if I did he had a mask
My new boss says my name is Matt and just ask
In my new job my mind is used frequently and fast
A database race to master scripts and queries quickly on a task

The customer service no longer makes me nervous
as previously I spoke regionally with half the country
Internet issue blues with the “what should we do”? dues
glued patienceĀ to memory for the old granny nannies
up until she gets her granny panties in a twist
and tells me “well eat my grits”
Once spoke with a vigilante who was handy in start up philosophy
he told me to git & leave soon if not immediately
that there are communities that need your wit. expertise and understanding

Used to work every weekend
Since I can remember from way back when
mostly, usually, to pay for school tuition
worked the graveyard so hard sweat would drip
as I pass your food to your car for your trip
Bon voyage

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