More dedication

More dedication and higher conviction
not arrogant but also not superstitious when it comes to predictions

Earlier mornings and nights
less smoke breaks and still with time to conversate
Writing early and late
to come close and yet get so far to escape
using feet as a vehicle/car
my teeth and lips are the tenor of the trip

Energy exits a notice
a self controlling focus
existing hocus pocus sold to get hopeful
when hopeless is the only outlet that’s copeable
ideologically paralyzed with lies seemingly unmovable
built by foundations of principles

The values allow you to view hues and true colors

Now character is built by courage
the kind that still speaks up even if not encouraged
with the purpose of nurturing to flourish
the voyages are usually just a skirmish
more dedication, like the Amish, who works harder?
more dedication like my hygienist Barbara

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