making pie

Phew, writing a book takes it out of you
Inspiration brings it back on track
I dim the lights before delivering back
Not pitch black,  since a little shine from a small crack
can open enough to feel comfortable through tough times of feeling unable

Dipping fingers into Dvorak typeface cables
faster more efficient and as mentioned ^_more comfortable _^
its about finding that sweet spot

Creating the taste of a flavorful pot
Herbs and spices
Offers of Niceness
Baked and broiled after buttered and breaded
deep fried
the Texas Pecan Pie
Pronounced like a toucan who was told he can fly
the best recipes need a timed eye

Exercising the body, mind and soul combined together whole
the greatest story to be told
not looking ahead means it doesn’t come to the head
shocked by surprise from being lead. Leading
in front of where the lines resides and is receding
Rhymed reason and readiness as a full time stress
The ride is a blessing we obsess over testing
The mess is testament to our consistent correcting

Vanilla extract, baking soda, powder
the extras we use mix into the flour
Sugar sweet as lips
bitter sweet chocolate and butter in a bucket
smoothed with eggs in a batter whipped
where the platter form is originally mixed
the platform of a mason who knows his bricks
each supper might have different tricks
of lavish lyrics like compliments of crisp lettuce
Let us never forget it

Embedded in the thread is unleaded
unrefined still after editing from a school
Energy exiting like a stool, where we sit when feeling a fool
A fowl and an owl prowled the night like ghouls
among the scent of a pie in the air
that would make a cool eye drool and stare

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