Software industry

Operating two dozen database clusters with no fear
each cluster at 180,00$ a year
with less than 4 mins of downtime a month
Every 15 mins real time
the different locations copy each other
Replication is the protection buffer
heavy gadgets, gizmos and infrastructure
Hosted by a cloud where only certain things are aloud
The architecture sure made us proud
giving small FI’s an RFA on their OLB

Supporting the training, managing, and implementations
Small queries that can cause mass disruption
Bridges crossed, adapters adjusted across
All systems are monitored for their cost
Project planning a client who is the boss
Proactive consulting
Sales executing on the finance and accounting
Departments of the bounty

A gift of a commodity not constricted typically as manufacturing
constant re-editing, updating, merging and packaging
still custom built with skill of the making
Development is more than just code writing
Apparently its only 30 to 50 % of the fighting

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