Poem as a letter to a friend on Veterans Day


Brother, I miss ya, Happy Veterans Day, what can I say, but Agape Namaste,
Austin’s temperature I’m pretty sure is about to freeze, thank you for serving our country
Honestly, you even taught me how to shoot weaponry properly
Remember our days and nights at Rock Springs camping?
How is job hunting? I know you will find something soon my friend
You are a giver of all your passion,
It’s hard to find people who don’t complain, I’ve asked around for them
Brother from a different mother, family from different Children
When do you plan to start the garden and the farm building?
I am working for a company living with my family
trying to find a little honey for a sweet afternoon delight of snacking
I even started running and excercising
writing poetry and yes, still rhyming 😉
I write mostly for the individual audience and it makes sense
because they (like you) understand the intent and it gets in tents (intense)
like camping on the top of a hill next to a fence
I missed your birthday so I included a little present
I would send a little bud, but I am convinced even the mail is bugged
much love and all above
your friend, John Tabrizi

PS – A blue ninja was once ranked the warrior with the most valor
Once said to have the strength of the hardest worker and knowledge like the highest scholar

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