Writing a book with rhymes

Writing a book with rhymes

Each chapter will pertain to a different time
Characters falling into different lives
Architecture by blueprints & supplies for design
rendering the real to the sublime dream
preparing inventory as the story begins November 2014

NaNo Wri Mo

I am going to give it a try<
maybe try to make you cry
tell something sad  from scratch
to create the happiest apple pie batch
patching the steps of a story is like making a recipe
using the reference of Reality
Experience and critical thinking
the worlds are infinite and unending
pick a time in history
there are catalogs free at the public library

1,666 words a day is about 6 pages
good gracious
Poetry mazes could get lengthy
hunting down the stories once they burst from cages
thirsting for freedom of expression
planned  suspense
the stage is the political demonstration event
at conventions
at Parks, at streets after dark
the mention of a name brought weary hearts

Digitizing the Book of rhymes was the start
we have the statistics, analytics and charts
The Palace of Rhymes has decided it is time
to define an art with parts of pieces as bark and branches
Marks from where it reaches
A new student who is trained to be who teaches
A new prudent view to clue together
the difference between blue skies and bad weather
Black and white as my print type
by the letter it’s only 237<
writing at sixteen hundred words, requires
characters and audiences
audio of  a soundtrack and gps of a map
when it’s technological then everything can expand and collapse
tomorrow after midnight the race to 50k has the first step of the track
Always warming up before and after a lap
running on empty purposely, to gain the intensity

Sincerly John Tabrizi

Also this is 200th post since the beginning of 2013
Glad to be the host of some fun riddling writing

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