Writing Months

National Novel Writing Month (November)
Second best to International Poetry Month (April)

Writers need the beautiful season
a pen and a pad or computer
a small quiet den is sufficient for this author
Published first by the Texas Wild Rice Festival
year two in two thousand and fifteen
Shout out to Ashley, Tom, Topher, & Sam Beasley

Excuses to write are laid out like
San Marcos river days and nights
Wake the Dead Coffeehouse poetry open mics

At the library found a scanner,
digitized my first book in two hours
Used the University printer for the factory’s flyer
the difference between love and desire
accentuate and articulate lyrics lit like lighting a fire
live from the wire
the rate at which the internal switch adjusts higher
just in the lyre
you must try busting though compromise
and settling on by any means necessary
The months may change the setting
but Ultimately it’s just background to the writing

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