Poetry Hide and Seek

When it is written it can be forgotten and found later
We recited from within for hours
like drinking in gin soaking from the sound’s power
a blank paper
Mighty canvas, blank gaps of space
He used a loose leaf early on when bored
eventually graduated to a keyboard
where his journals have memories to record
reminders of her graceful poetry, lord!

One of those days, the maze was a craze
waves of rendition over repetitive repetition
Rays of light through branches of commercialized organizations
blinded half the competition
and philosophy class was taking new admissions
Kierkegaard and Hegelianism
Zizek’s best jokes of the eastern European
The Sirens of Titans
an appetite of exciting proportions
say, a Breakfast for champions
Look at the Birdie and read its tracks
While Mortals Sleep the Gods can relax

We used to put poetry in books for when someone else unexpectedly will look
Back packs stacked with facts and snacks
Comics, Zines, and minds of great kinds catalog syntax
zip, zoom, bap, rat-a-tat. Boom
found em behind the pi9no
those old notes and flows from long ago
can grow like mushrooms to make you take a trip in your own room
mistake a game for the life coming soon tomorrow

Take the name as a fighting struggle to come back full circle
Hide and Seek in a bubble

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